Friday, February 3, 2012

Really, I Am Not Now, Nor Ever Have Been Blonde! old age??

I lay there arguing with myself – “Get up and get ready for work!” “No, I want to sleep. I need more sleep.”  “Time to get up! Get up already!”  “Oh, I am too tired.” 

Then I looked at the clock.  3am.  Silly, me! It’s not time to get up, you can sleep.  : )  A bathroom break, a drink of water, and contentedly snuggled down again.   

And  Could  NOT  Go  Back  To  Sleep!    

So, I just lay there with my eyes closed, TRYING to go back to sleep.  I figured if I wasn’t getting sleep, I was at least getting rest.  Oh, I groaned when my phone vibrated the wake up alarm. 

Later, I pulled all kinds of left over bits out of the refrigerator, but was unable to figure out what put together a lunch before I decided I had to go.

Where were my keys???!!  Not clipped to my purse where I keep them.  Or on the table.  Or in my purse.  Or by my bed.  Andrew helped me search.  At last I realized. They were clipped to my bike basket, locked in the shed.  I had gotten home right behind the guys and they had unlocked the bike shed and the house, so I had not needed my keys.  They stayed on my basket where they were “convenient” to reach.  

Andrew came out and unlocked the shed so I could get my bike.  As we chatted, I loaded up my bike, turned on my various lights, put on my gloves and then reached in my basket for my helmet.  But it wasn’t there!  Oh, I had already put it on. 

You may find it difficult to believe that I actually made it to work one piece (despite being nearly hit by a truck making a left turn without looking left!) 

and have not made any major blunders yet of which I am aware.