Saturday, August 25, 2007

I miss my guys

I cannot believe that I forgot to tell you about what a lovely day I had a week ago Friday.

I stayed home from work that morning to meet with our Credentialed Teaching Supevisor from Horizon Charter School. The school year has begun. Benjamin is the last one in Horizon as Andrew graduated last year. I was afraid our CTS would want to drop us, because he lives in the foothills some good drive away. It is ok when he comes down to visit multiple student families, but less enticing to make the drive for one student. Fortunately, he not only has other students in the Sacramento area, he has a new multiple student family fairly close to us. Besides, he said he wouldn't drop one of his students. Anyway, I wanted/needed to be there for the initial meeting of the year. Most of the time, he and Ben will meet without me. I think Andrew and Joseph will be here for "two deep" or we might arrange another meeting place - maybe even have Ben go to that other family's house or the library if it is open at a good time. And I don't have any misgivings about him. AND Anna is always here. But, I digress, as so often. We met. Discussed Ben's courses and assignments, how many chapters in how much time, stuff like that.

School business done, all three boys and I went to Scout Shop to get resource material to help my new Senior Patrol Leader. $50. Some of the books will also help me as Committee Chair. Since all I hear is how poor the ward and especially Scouts are, I will probably eat the expense and keep the books. If so, I should turn in the receipt and make note of the contribution so the powers that be can have a better idea of what it take$ to run a troop. This is something my Scoutmaster and I have been talking about. We swallow too many small expenses - he certainly does not turn in all his gas receipts! And yet when we ask for anything, we get this pathetic song and dance. sigh But, I didn't start out to gripe, so on with my day.

Scout shopping done, we took the car back to my park and ride, hopped Light Rail and headed downtown. Just for curiosity sake and because we had decided to go to lunch before finally showing up at work, we rode to the end of the line, Sacramento Valley Station, or something like that. Not that exciting, but for some reason I had been curious ever since I started riding in. From there we walked to Roundtable Pizza in Old Sacramento. All you can eat pizza and salad. Fun. I cannot remember the last time the boys ate out.

Eventually, we went to work. Yes, the boys came. I loved having them there. Wish I could do it way more often! I had hoped they would map my labyrinth of an office for me, but that didn't get very far. (Coworkers like the idea, too) They did help put together some training notebooks. Dull work. My coworkers who are on that were so glad of the help, but there is still plenty more!! I also logged them in on a spare computer and let them play a bit.

My boss said they are welcome anytime. Lots of coworkers complimented me on them.(Handsome, helpful, pleasant) Boss said when they come, I can take a long lunch to take them to Roundtable again (it takes most of my half hour lunch to walk there), since they help out when they are there. I told her that they wanted to know if I would get overtime if they worked. I said no, but maybe I could get a long lunch. She was good with that.

I had thought about having them come in yesterday, before I remembered that Andrew and Ben were heading off to Youth Conference. I haven't seen them since before work and won't see them until late this evening. It seems like a long time,

Of course, I did think that them being gone meant computer time for me, but I got home to find Joseph on the computer (usually he uses an even older one put together from hand-me-downs). Can't complain. He was looking for pictures for Andrew's Eagle notebook. And, I am on now, just finished some banking duties. But I have a "million" non-computer things to do and I go babysit for the rest of the day in less than 2 hours. Not many of the million will get done.

My favorite aunt's signature says "PRIORITIZE/SIMPLIFY/ORGANIZE" Good advice. Difficult for me to follow, however. Not one of my best talents.

Off to do what I can....

I hardly ever do "thankfuls" anymore - always short of time. But I feel them!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

9:23am 08/22/2007

Last night, after Troop Committee Meeting, Glen informed me that as of 9:23 that morning our divorce is final.  He was in court.  I have not heard from my lawyer in months.  It doesn't really matter,  I guess.   I had long since signed a form agreeing that we had agreed on the conditions and didn't need to go to court.  Apparently Glen's lawyer informed him that way would take much longer and going to court would facilitate the matter.   My lawyer has not been returning my email.  He is probably in Mexico again.  But the deed is done. It is over, except "as long as there are children, no divorce is ever final."


I thought I would feel something.  Relief, freedom, sadness, something.  I don't feel much though. (except a little disappointment and frustration with Mr. Shyster)  I guess because I went through all the emotions previously and this is just the formality.


Now I need to find out what business I need to take care of.  Insurance, etc.


The boys and I celebrated by eating some old ice cream sandwiches left in the freezer since April Conference.  (not good for the blood sugar)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Log Jam is about to break at work

The California Legislature finally passed a budget. Once the Govenator signs, we will get authorization to start paying fiscal 07/08 bills! I have about 8 inches of invoices to process and I don't know how many travel claims I am going to be doing checks for.   It is going to busy around here. No more time for problems for awhile. (crocodile tears) 

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hear, Hear

Thursday - straight from work (pausing only to pick up the boys) to the fair grounds.  It was awards night.  Ruth entered 4 cards and 2 scrapbook pages in the State Fair.  She got 3 seconds and 3 FIRSTs!  plus a special award from a craft shop (who no doubt sponsored the prize to increase name recognition, but I forgot).  We got to see the exhibits and some awards ceremonies, eat one dollar hotdogs (not worth more actually), and generally have a good time.  It was a pleasant evening.  We saw lots of great art and craft work, some cool toy displays, and The Cat in the Hat who was visiting in Toytopia.  Too bad I didn't know about this special (free to exhibiters and guests) event BEFORE I bought a Poppy Pack, but, hey!, there is plenty more to see and do.  We will go back the last day of the fair, because some of the family wants to go to the Wierd Al concert.  I haven't decided about me, yet.
Saturday - successfully renewed my driver's license without getting a vision restriction.  It was a bit of a near thing, but I passed.
Spent most of the weekend working more or less with Andrew on the program for his Eagle Scout Court of Honor - both the agenda and the paper program.  Also, sort of helping him prepare his talk for Sacrament Meeting - encouraging him and giving him ideas on how to prepare - I did none of the actual preparation. And getting invitations ready to mail.  If I missed you and you care enough about me and mine to be reading this, you are definitely invited!!   (7pm Friday, September 14 at the LDS Church 51st & Dover, Sacramento. After Party with Wojohowitz)
Special talks in church Sunday!  In Sacrament Meeting, Andrew gave a very good talk about finances.  In Primary, Esther gave a talk about her family and the temple.  You could even hear most of it very clearly.  With the help of a microphone it is true, but her little friend also gave what was probably a good talk you couldn't hear despite the microphone.  They are only 4 years old, after all.
We read a little bit of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows almost every evening. I am enjoying it and interested, but so tired and so many responsibilities that we are not having any reading marathons. That's ok, I am torn between wanting to know what happens and not really wanting it to end.  JKR has done a good job of it. 
The weekend was good, but too short! as usual.
aaaa! only a month!  I am not even sure what I need to do!  I have issued invitations, reserved the building, and Andrew and I have been working on the program - both the agenda and the paper.  I still need to make sure we people we want to do a part.  So far he only has the Bishop who will issue the Eagle Charge. Ok, and Ben who is to do a little talk.  I need to ask the former SPL's to help and contact Til  whom we are asking to do a blurb "One Hundred Scouts".  Next, I guess I need to think about decorations and food.
Good quote on my Google home page today, (well there usually is at least one good one)
"The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority."
  - Ralph W. Sockman
Lunch break is quite over.  Back to earning an honest dollar.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

more toy recalls

Not just new toys, but some from the last couple of years. Parents,
grandparents, etc, check your toy boxes.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Goldfish Bowl

With office cubicles, most people are pretty much in their own private
corner. I am at the front desk, not a proper cubicle. Instead of a
five foot wall, there is a counter in front of my desk. Whereas you
cannot see other workers or their work station until you actually
approach their cubicle, my computer screen is visible from the hall
outside our office door, although I cannot see the people until they
come in and are nearly at the counter. Good thing I try to be a good
worker and honest with my time and the supervisors seem to be
reasonable people. It does mean that I sometimes feel a little bit
self-conscious when I use the computer during my break, but
apparently, if you generally do your job, they assume that if it is
not business, it is your break. So far, it works.

Friday was S'Mores day. So, before going home, I purchased supplies.
The boys and I set up a little fold up grill I got from Avon, read HP7
while the charcoal did its thing, and enjoyed S'Mores. That was so
fun, that Saturday evening we fired it up again and did hamburgers and
more S'Mores. We enjoyed one of the favorite things about camping
without having to take time to go anywhere or sleep on the ground.
Everytime we realize that we needed something, we just ran in the
house and got it. Good preparation in case we ever do want to take
our little bbq camping or even to the park.

I didn't want to interrupt my bookkeeping and bill paying duties, but
I did. We went to the Elder's Quorum Social Saturday – BBQ Tri-tip!,
Potluck and for the brave, a 4'x18' pool. Ben and Andrew went in. Tom
and another dad took their kids in the pool. I enjoyed visiting with
some sisters I don't usually talk to. It was a good social, somewhat
sparsely attended, but then it didn't get too crowded and we all had
as much meat as we wanted, plus the people who donated money for meat
even got to take some home.

Nearly forgot to tell you about Anna at the dog park. We met Debi and
Chloe at the dog park Saturday morning. At one point, Chloe went up
to another black Lab looking type dog to say "Hi". The dog turned on
her and attacked her! Surprising me, Anna went after the other dog
and made it let go of Chloe! Good dog, Anna! But! They broke apart
briefly and Anna went at the other dog again. I had a bit of trouble
pulling her off! It was not really serious – nobody drew blood – but
Anna was NOT playing, she was attacking. So, was Anna a good dog for
protecting Chloe or a bad dog for fighting?? I leashed her up for a
bit for a time out. The other guy left with his dogs and I really was
pleased she stood up for Chloe, so I let her loose after awhile.

She has twice before surprised me at the dog park by being overly
possessive of a toy, so I keep try to keep a close eye on her when
there are other dogs around, especially if she has a toy. Both those
times, being aggressive stopped her playtime for the day.

What do you think? Good dog or naughty dog?

Gold fish break is over.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Another parenting alert

Educational Videos may not help and may even slow down babies

What babies really need is for the family to talk to them. What a surprise.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Attention Parents! Fisher Price toy recall

Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Friends,
Check it out, keep the kids safe.


kudos from the governor

(Italics added)

Governor Proclaims “State Park Ranger Day”

State Parks’ Director Cites All Park Employees as Deserving of Recognition

SACRAMENTO -- California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed July 31 as “California State Park Ranger Day.” In conjunction with this proclamation, state and national park rangers are today celebrating the first-ever “World Ranger Day” in San Francisco.

In the Proclamation, the Governor said “California is blessed to be the home of a fantastic state park system, containing more than 270 natural places and cultural heritage sites. By overseeing 1.5 million acres of mountains, beaches, deserts and nearly every other kind of terrain imaginable, our 400 State Park Rangers have a tremendous responsibility. I encourage all Californians to join me in paying tribute to the men and women who preserve our state’s natural and cultural treasures. We owe them, as well as all other employees of the Department of Parks and Recreation, a debt of gratitude for their hard work and devotion to our state.”

“We have a ranger force that is especially dedicated to our mission,” said State Parks’ Director Ruth Coleman. “In addition, as the Governor pointed out, recognition needs to be extended to all employees of the Department. No one group can make this the best State park system in the nation. It is a team effort and all those who work with tireless dedication to preserve and protect our resources and enhance the experience of our visitors must be recognized and complimented for their exceptional service.”

Recognizing California’s park ranger force is being done in conjunction with “World Ranger Day”, which is also July 31, but being celebrated today with events at the Maritime National Historical Park in San Francisco from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. California State Park employees will be participating, setting up display booths which will contain exhibits on State parks’ history, programs, volunteers, cooperating associations, park information, patrol vehicles and equipment, and more.”

As the Governor noted, all employees of the Department should be recognized for their work and dedication. To name just a few of the many employee jobs, California State Parks has Interpreters, Maintenance Workers, Historians, Lifeguards, Archeologists, Engineers, Landscape Technicians, Heavy Equipment Operators, Accounting Clerks, Budget Analysts, Park and Recreation Specialists and more.

All of these people contribute immeasurably to the high quality of programs and places within our system,” said Director Coleman, “and we eagerly recognize them as part of the Governor’s Proclamation.”

Tag, You're It

All day yesterday the high neckline irritated me. I prefer scoops and vees. As I was heading to catch the light rail train home, I twitched again at my neckline and discovered a tag! I had been wearing it backward all day!


Often when I think about Christ and the Atonement, I find myself
wondering why he had to go through the trial, torment, and
crucifixion. If it was in the Garden of Gethsemane that He took upon
Himself all our sins, sorrows, pains, ailments, etc, why did He have
to endure the rest of it, too? Someone told me that compared to
Gethsemane; it was not nearly so bad. Granted, but it was no big
relief either. It was horrible! I know He had to die, but there are
many ways to accomplish that without additional suffering.

Recently, in Sunday School we watched a video depicting the last days
of Jesus' life. When they depicted His suffering in Gethsemane, it
was touching, sad, and meaningful. Some of us were moved to tears.
But when they got to the whipping, the crown of thorns, and especially
the nails, there was serious flinching all around, with many people in
tears and averting their faces. I don't think many people can
actually bear to look at the screen once they get out the nails. We
wince at the sound of the pounding and cannot bear to look – even
though I am pretty sure that the video doesn't show the pounding in of
the nails. Who among us knows? Not me. Why the stronger reaction
for that part than the garden?

I have thought and thought, and have come up with my theory.

I think that Christ knew that many of us can identify more intensely
with the sacrifice in allowing Himself to be crucified. We understand
that the atonement in the Garden was deeper and beyond any human
capacity to bear, but we viscerally comprehend the pain of the
crucifixion more. Even though we have not experienced anything like
it, our bodies recognize that kind of suffering very well.

I think He wanted us to know how much He loves us and how much He was
willing to take on for us. He wanted us to know our worth to Him. He
also wanted to give us good warning of how we will suffer if we do not
accept His atoning gift through repentance.

I think he went through that extra physical suffering as a big visual
aid to make sure we understand His sacrifice and love.

I also find myself wondering how people could do such things to any
one or any living thing, but for that I have no answer.