Wednesday, August 1, 2007

kudos from the governor

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Governor Proclaims “State Park Ranger Day”

State Parks’ Director Cites All Park Employees as Deserving of Recognition

SACRAMENTO -- California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed July 31 as “California State Park Ranger Day.” In conjunction with this proclamation, state and national park rangers are today celebrating the first-ever “World Ranger Day” in San Francisco.

In the Proclamation, the Governor said “California is blessed to be the home of a fantastic state park system, containing more than 270 natural places and cultural heritage sites. By overseeing 1.5 million acres of mountains, beaches, deserts and nearly every other kind of terrain imaginable, our 400 State Park Rangers have a tremendous responsibility. I encourage all Californians to join me in paying tribute to the men and women who preserve our state’s natural and cultural treasures. We owe them, as well as all other employees of the Department of Parks and Recreation, a debt of gratitude for their hard work and devotion to our state.”

“We have a ranger force that is especially dedicated to our mission,” said State Parks’ Director Ruth Coleman. “In addition, as the Governor pointed out, recognition needs to be extended to all employees of the Department. No one group can make this the best State park system in the nation. It is a team effort and all those who work with tireless dedication to preserve and protect our resources and enhance the experience of our visitors must be recognized and complimented for their exceptional service.”

Recognizing California’s park ranger force is being done in conjunction with “World Ranger Day”, which is also July 31, but being celebrated today with events at the Maritime National Historical Park in San Francisco from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. California State Park employees will be participating, setting up display booths which will contain exhibits on State parks’ history, programs, volunteers, cooperating associations, park information, patrol vehicles and equipment, and more.”

As the Governor noted, all employees of the Department should be recognized for their work and dedication. To name just a few of the many employee jobs, California State Parks has Interpreters, Maintenance Workers, Historians, Lifeguards, Archeologists, Engineers, Landscape Technicians, Heavy Equipment Operators, Accounting Clerks, Budget Analysts, Park and Recreation Specialists and more.

All of these people contribute immeasurably to the high quality of programs and places within our system,” said Director Coleman, “and we eagerly recognize them as part of the Governor’s Proclamation.”

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