Saturday, August 25, 2007

I miss my guys

I cannot believe that I forgot to tell you about what a lovely day I had a week ago Friday.

I stayed home from work that morning to meet with our Credentialed Teaching Supevisor from Horizon Charter School. The school year has begun. Benjamin is the last one in Horizon as Andrew graduated last year. I was afraid our CTS would want to drop us, because he lives in the foothills some good drive away. It is ok when he comes down to visit multiple student families, but less enticing to make the drive for one student. Fortunately, he not only has other students in the Sacramento area, he has a new multiple student family fairly close to us. Besides, he said he wouldn't drop one of his students. Anyway, I wanted/needed to be there for the initial meeting of the year. Most of the time, he and Ben will meet without me. I think Andrew and Joseph will be here for "two deep" or we might arrange another meeting place - maybe even have Ben go to that other family's house or the library if it is open at a good time. And I don't have any misgivings about him. AND Anna is always here. But, I digress, as so often. We met. Discussed Ben's courses and assignments, how many chapters in how much time, stuff like that.

School business done, all three boys and I went to Scout Shop to get resource material to help my new Senior Patrol Leader. $50. Some of the books will also help me as Committee Chair. Since all I hear is how poor the ward and especially Scouts are, I will probably eat the expense and keep the books. If so, I should turn in the receipt and make note of the contribution so the powers that be can have a better idea of what it take$ to run a troop. This is something my Scoutmaster and I have been talking about. We swallow too many small expenses - he certainly does not turn in all his gas receipts! And yet when we ask for anything, we get this pathetic song and dance. sigh But, I didn't start out to gripe, so on with my day.

Scout shopping done, we took the car back to my park and ride, hopped Light Rail and headed downtown. Just for curiosity sake and because we had decided to go to lunch before finally showing up at work, we rode to the end of the line, Sacramento Valley Station, or something like that. Not that exciting, but for some reason I had been curious ever since I started riding in. From there we walked to Roundtable Pizza in Old Sacramento. All you can eat pizza and salad. Fun. I cannot remember the last time the boys ate out.

Eventually, we went to work. Yes, the boys came. I loved having them there. Wish I could do it way more often! I had hoped they would map my labyrinth of an office for me, but that didn't get very far. (Coworkers like the idea, too) They did help put together some training notebooks. Dull work. My coworkers who are on that were so glad of the help, but there is still plenty more!! I also logged them in on a spare computer and let them play a bit.

My boss said they are welcome anytime. Lots of coworkers complimented me on them.(Handsome, helpful, pleasant) Boss said when they come, I can take a long lunch to take them to Roundtable again (it takes most of my half hour lunch to walk there), since they help out when they are there. I told her that they wanted to know if I would get overtime if they worked. I said no, but maybe I could get a long lunch. She was good with that.

I had thought about having them come in yesterday, before I remembered that Andrew and Ben were heading off to Youth Conference. I haven't seen them since before work and won't see them until late this evening. It seems like a long time,

Of course, I did think that them being gone meant computer time for me, but I got home to find Joseph on the computer (usually he uses an even older one put together from hand-me-downs). Can't complain. He was looking for pictures for Andrew's Eagle notebook. And, I am on now, just finished some banking duties. But I have a "million" non-computer things to do and I go babysit for the rest of the day in less than 2 hours. Not many of the million will get done.

My favorite aunt's signature says "PRIORITIZE/SIMPLIFY/ORGANIZE" Good advice. Difficult for me to follow, however. Not one of my best talents.

Off to do what I can....

I hardly ever do "thankfuls" anymore - always short of time. But I feel them!

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