Monday, August 13, 2007

The Goldfish Bowl

With office cubicles, most people are pretty much in their own private
corner. I am at the front desk, not a proper cubicle. Instead of a
five foot wall, there is a counter in front of my desk. Whereas you
cannot see other workers or their work station until you actually
approach their cubicle, my computer screen is visible from the hall
outside our office door, although I cannot see the people until they
come in and are nearly at the counter. Good thing I try to be a good
worker and honest with my time and the supervisors seem to be
reasonable people. It does mean that I sometimes feel a little bit
self-conscious when I use the computer during my break, but
apparently, if you generally do your job, they assume that if it is
not business, it is your break. So far, it works.

Friday was S'Mores day. So, before going home, I purchased supplies.
The boys and I set up a little fold up grill I got from Avon, read HP7
while the charcoal did its thing, and enjoyed S'Mores. That was so
fun, that Saturday evening we fired it up again and did hamburgers and
more S'Mores. We enjoyed one of the favorite things about camping
without having to take time to go anywhere or sleep on the ground.
Everytime we realize that we needed something, we just ran in the
house and got it. Good preparation in case we ever do want to take
our little bbq camping or even to the park.

I didn't want to interrupt my bookkeeping and bill paying duties, but
I did. We went to the Elder's Quorum Social Saturday – BBQ Tri-tip!,
Potluck and for the brave, a 4'x18' pool. Ben and Andrew went in. Tom
and another dad took their kids in the pool. I enjoyed visiting with
some sisters I don't usually talk to. It was a good social, somewhat
sparsely attended, but then it didn't get too crowded and we all had
as much meat as we wanted, plus the people who donated money for meat
even got to take some home.

Nearly forgot to tell you about Anna at the dog park. We met Debi and
Chloe at the dog park Saturday morning. At one point, Chloe went up
to another black Lab looking type dog to say "Hi". The dog turned on
her and attacked her! Surprising me, Anna went after the other dog
and made it let go of Chloe! Good dog, Anna! But! They broke apart
briefly and Anna went at the other dog again. I had a bit of trouble
pulling her off! It was not really serious – nobody drew blood – but
Anna was NOT playing, she was attacking. So, was Anna a good dog for
protecting Chloe or a bad dog for fighting?? I leashed her up for a
bit for a time out. The other guy left with his dogs and I really was
pleased she stood up for Chloe, so I let her loose after awhile.

She has twice before surprised me at the dog park by being overly
possessive of a toy, so I keep try to keep a close eye on her when
there are other dogs around, especially if she has a toy. Both those
times, being aggressive stopped her playtime for the day.

What do you think? Good dog or naughty dog?

Gold fish break is over.


  1. She protected my baby, I say good dog Anna! I KNEW I picked a good dog that day... ha! ;)

  2. I say, Good job, Anna!!


  3. She was helping her friend who is still a puppy.
    Good Dog Anna!
    It's good of you to watch her and discourage aggression, though. You want her to know that it's usually not ok.

  4. mmmm
    I'm jealous of your barbecuing activities - sounds yummy!