Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tomorrow is the last day of May Is Bike Month 2015

    The Rolling Robarts are finishing off happily and well. 
    Today David​, Teresa​, Andrew​, Joseph, and I biked together to the Farmers Market at Oak Park, City Bicycle Works​, Midtown Farmer's Market, the ward picnic at McKinley Park and home again for a total of a little over 14 miles. 
    With our plans to bike to church tomorrow, that put me within 5 miles and Andrew within 15 miles of our latest goal of 350 miles in May is Bike Month​. So we rode to the library with David and Teresa and then on to their home and back.   That did it for me.  Tomorrow when I bike home from church, I anticipate reaching 351 miles.  Andrew is currently plotting a 10 mile evening ride for the same result. 
     Joseph has 144 miles and is heading out the door on a 16 mile errand.  His goal is to double his original goal of 80 miles.  I don't think Teresa rode much before this month but she has 83 miles now and David has 244.9 (I think that includes today for both of them, but I am not sure).  Their bike to church will be at least 5.8 miles each way.  Does Teresa realize that means she has at least 94 miles....?! A little tempting, don't you think. (Her original goal was 76)
     Honestly I am quite impressed with all of us.  And we have had fun.