Monday, December 31, 2007

"A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water." Carl Reiner

Apropos of nothing. I like the quote and couldn't think of a post title.
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I work in the State Resources Building which occupies the south half of the block. In the northwest corner is the Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park
This morning as I took a break and went out for a short walk and quick breath of fresh car fumes, bus exhaust, and cigarette smoke, I saw a family approaching the mansion. One kid said, "Is that from Scooby Do? It's scary."

Here it is New Year's Eve and I haven't written since before Christmas. You know the story, busy, busy, busy! And limited computer time. Blah, blah, blah.

Christmas was, as usual, delightful. Team Sacramento (my local – not loco, well, anyway kids and I) gathered at Ruth's house for the Christmas Eve Dinner of homemade bread, cheese and fruit. She invited the missionaries to join us.

We watched <a href=>"The Nativity Story"</a> - except for skipping the very beginning and part of the end which shows Herod's soldiers going to Bethlehem. Esther and Jared were with us and just the thundering horses and music was scary. They didn't need the rest of that. It is a pretty good depiction. The kids think I am overly romantic to want to think that Mary and Joseph already knew and loved each other before the betrothal. Back then it could happen either way. In the movie, he chose her because she is virtuous, she had no say, but, of course, their feelings grow.

Christmas morning each household spent individually. The boys and I opened presents and watched <a href=</a> (which Santa brought us.) Later we went to Ruth's and had pizza (we all brought toppings over the night before) and fruit pizza (I made with leftover fruit from Christmas Eve) and opened more presents. Glen came over later for cookies.

The surprise to me hit present of the day was the Rudolf ornament set that Miriam gave Debi. I knew she wanted them, but she was totally overcome with emotion! Speaking of Debi. Debi gave me a beautiful calendar of photographs of the family. She put pictures of the person on their birthday, too.

Ooh. Tough choice time. Break time is quite over. Post or wait and add more? Something is better than nothing. Hopefully, I will post again soon. (I am sure you wait breathlessly.) One of my "resolutions" is to actually take a break at work and to 1) walk a little and 2) use some time to post.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Crowing, not crow

Andrew and Joseph just dropped by my office after taking the California State Office Assistant - General exam.  Andrew did OK.  Joseph scored 100% and is ranked #3 (the other 2 had bonus points, veterans, maybe).  Way to go, Joseph!

brief good bye

Vernon Charles Jensen


Wednesday was the funeral of one of my former Bishops.  I sometimes wish that I could attend a person's funeral while they were still alive, so I could appreciate them more.  The things you sometimes learn! 


Vernon had wanted to join the Air Force, but was rejected because of color blindness.  (I never knew he was color blind.)  He became a paratrooper instead.  He loved jumping out of airplanes! He was too young, joined up too late to see combat in WWII. 


He loved animals.  His son talked about chickens and a pigeon that young Vernon loved.  Who would have thought?  When Vernon was living/visiting (not sure which) that son, Rob, Rob's Lab was delighted!  She knew it meant lots of long walks.


We all knew that he was a crusty old curmudgeon.  From the crowded chapel, it would appear the crust did not effectively hide a loving heart.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Family Car Night

We popped up some popcorn, printed up the Sacramento Bee Holiday Lights Guide and piled in the car, 3 boys, 1 dog, and me.   For about 2 hours we wandered the city looking at lights, listening to Christmas music on the radio, and (Andrew and I) singing along. We hardly made a dent in the list. (We should plan ahead, mark up a big map, and go out different evenings by area.) Some of the addresses either I or the Bee must have gotten wrong, because either there were no lights (!) or just regular lights on houses,  but we did see some nice displays. 


One of our favorites was not on the list-  the house on 48th st right by Hwy 50.   Lighted displays in front, on the big side yard, inside the house, on the roof, even in the backyard.  The owner was out visiting with people and answering questions.   Very friendly.  As much fun as the house, was a group of bicyclers we saw finishing their visit there –decorated bikes,  one bike towing a small "sleigh" loaded with gifts and a big teddy bear.   Several of the bikers wearing various holiday hats or antlers, and strings of lights on their person.  It looked like they were having a fabulous time.   We heard that they were on their way to dessert, too.  What fun!


Of course we visited the neighborhood of 53rd and S off T Street.  With over 20 homes participating, it is delightful.  


3601 Kranhold Way is covered, totally covered, with LED lights, every wall – it looks like even the backyard wall, the trees, the shrubs.   It was impressive.


The real hit of the evening, which by serendipity was our last stop, was 3240 Eastwood Way.  64,000 lights on the house, the roof, the tree, the lawn (piano like), arches forming a tunnel on the driveway- programmed to their own broadcast of Christmas music.   Not only impressive, but fun.  Several times, we just laughed out loud as the lights performed for us.  We sat parked for about 10-15 minutes watching and listening.  If you are in Sacramento between now and the 26th, go by there between 5:30 and 10pm.   This was one house it would be worth going out of your way to enjoy.


The evening did much to banish the Bah-Humbugs, a real spirit lifter.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Edition of Getting to Know Your Friends

A friend sent this to me. You are supposed to email it to your friends. I rather post it. If you want to do it too, have fun! if not, no pressure. I only have time because I thought there was Seminary today.

Welcome to the Christmas edition of getting to know your friends. Just copy this entire list and change all the answers so that they apply to you. Then post or send this to a whole bunch of people you know, Have fun!

I recieved this with the questions in green and the answers in red. Very festive, but I don't remember how to do colors right now.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
I am not great at wrapping! Whatever is handiest at the time.

2. Real tree or artificial?
I prefer to think of it as perennial.

3. When do you put up the tree?
Sometime after Thankgiving. Hopefully be early December. One of the advantages of a perennial is not worrying about it drying out.

4. When do you take the tree down?
No set time. Sometimes New Years. or eventually. When we really want the space back.

5. Do you like eggnog?
Yes, but cut it with milk.

6. Favorite gift received as a child?
My purple cow.

7. Do you have a nativity scene?

8. Hardest person to buy for?
I am a terrible shopper and struggle with most of them.

9. Easiest person to buy for?
That changes. It seems like each year there will be one or two people I see things for everywhere, while I am trying to figure out somebody else.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards?
Mostly Mail

11.Worst Christmas gift you ever received?
Haven’t thought about it and don’t think I want to.

12. Favorite Christmas Movie?
“Luke 2”, “It’s A Wonderful Life”

13. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
plead the 5th or failing memory

14. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
too much

15. Clear lights or colored on the tree?
Different different years. This year we have white icicle lights that we normally hang from the eaves. We thought we were out of them when putting lights up on the house, so one section has the straight tree lights. Then, of course, we found them, but didn’t feel like switching them back.

16. Favorite Christmas song?
“What Child Is This,” “Mary, Did You Know?”

17. Travel at Christmas or stay home?
Usually stay home.

18. Can you name all of Santa's reindeers?
If I think about it long enough.

19. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
Christmas morning

20. Most annoying thing about this time of year?
Having procrastinated, so I am stressed rather than merry and have to remind myself that Christmas is about Christ..

21. Favorite ornament theme or color?

22. Favorite for Christmas dinner?
Christmas Eve Dinner - bread, cheese and fruit

23. What do you want for Christmas this year?
I don’t know, I have a long “wish” list, but no expectations. A camera would be great, but unlikely.

24. Draw names for giving?
I don’t really like that, but some of my adult kids are pushing for it. It does simplify things, I guess, but makes gift giving an assignment and puts too much pressure on one gift. I like lots of presents. I like giving when I get it right. And who doesn't like opening presents?

25. Favorite Christmas tradition?
Christmas Eve Dinner and remembering the birth of our Savior

Sunday, December 16, 2007


As I was driving around doing various errands Saturday, I noticed what a lovely sunny winter afternoon it was. I thought, "I need to do something with my boys, we all need fresh air, sunshine, and exercise, Anna didn't get her walk today, and I need to deliver Christmas cards to my Visiting Teaching sisters." So, I called home and asked the guys to help me do my VT by bicycle. The flaw in the plan was that Andrew's bike is in need of repairs. We decided he would skate board.

In the past I have hitched my bike cart to my bike, harnessed the dog and tied a leash from the harness to the cart, put a gentle lead (like a horse's halter for dogs) and held that leash by hand, She is so eager taht she pulls the cart which helps stabilize me and pushes the bike. I ride the break and try to keep her on a reasonable pace for the first mile or so. Then I go slow for her. However, I haven't used the gentle lead in a long time and don't know where it is. I am not sure where my bike hitch is either. And I wanted to hurry because winter afternoons are short. I tried just holding Anna's leash, ok a longish rope, attached to her regular collar. She was wild with excitement and I immediately crashed. Andrew volunteered to handle Anna. I was a little concerned, but he thought he could handle her more easily. It worked pretty well. I had to bike either behind or beside Andrew to keep Anna from wanting to run too fast and to offer voice control assistance. Once in a while Andrew left the skateboard either voluntarily or not, but no harm done. Over all, it worked well and both Anna and Andrew enjoyed it.

This morning as I prepared to walk Anna to make one final VT delivery, Andrew offered to come along. This time we put Anna's harness on so she wasn't pulling against her neck. Andrew dogboarded and I walked. We may have found a fun way for Andrew to help exercise my dog.

Now, back to working on my Christmas cards.

our year "in brief"

If you already read my blog, there is nothing new here, but I decided to post it anyway. Some people on my Christmas card list that I don't think visit my blog are getting hard copies. Others will get my web address here. written under my signature. Just in case, Welcome, thanks for visiting!
here goes - our year "in brief" - but not nearly brief enough:

One of the first things I did this year was wreck my car. Early one dark morning in an empty parking lot, I slammed into a cement standard which probably, maybe will someday hold a light, but right then just totaled my car. My credit union gave me a loan and I bought another Cavalier because I had liked Jade so much. Sadly, Goldie isn’t quite the car Jade was, but it gets us around and that’s the main thing.

In February, Glen moved out and signed the house over to me. Again, my credit union gave me a loan. So, having filed for divorce to protect myself from debt, I immediately put myself into debt and felt pretty happy about it.

We have enormous amounts of work to do on the house. It is as old as I am and even more decrepit, having been almost totally neglected for 30+ years. I have no idea where to begin and am reluctant to incur even more debt, so thus far, there has been little to no progress. There are always plenty of other things to occupy us and enable procrastination, that’s for sure.

Andrew led Troop 40 in collecting and sorting over 1500 books which he delivered to Books for the Barrios to be distributed to poor Filipino schools. Later he added another carload of books that he collected after the official project. That was his Eagle project and completed his requirements for Eagle - except for preparing his application and Eagle book to the satisfaction of our District Eagle Advancement Chairman. It took several courageous visits to the lair of the bear to accomplish the task - just a couple of days before the deadline of his 18th birthday! Oh, then he had to pass a Board of Review, but that was easy compared to passing the chairman! We are proud that Andrew persevered and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. On the way to his Eagle Court of Honor and "After Party" in September, Andrew helped an old man who stumbled crossing a busy street and had us drive him safely home.

The boys and I drove up to Vancouver to be at my granddaughter Acadia's baptism in June. We enjoyed a wonderful weekend - visiting, celebrating Cadi's birthday, and participating in her baptism. She was radiant and the spirit was strong. It is a joy to see her growing into such a lovely young lady.

We are so blessed to live "almost next door" to Tom, Ruth and the kids. The uncles sometimes babysit for them. Tom helps us around the house - like replacing our front door and other helpful things. I get to do Stampin'Up with Ruth now and then. And it is just nice knowing they are there. It is so good to have them close by!

We enjoy Sunday dinners usually at Ruth’s house with Debi and Miriam a couple of times a month and get together for most birthdays and holidays. Lucky me!

Ben had great fun on a trip to Disneyland this summer with his cousin Adam and aunts Kris and Lainee, mostly courtesy of Aunt Lainee. (Thank you! ) We both survived him flying alone. He got to know his cousin and aunts a little better. They all had a terrific time.

My divorce was final August 22. There are some things I don't know when I will really get used to. Being solely responsible for my home. Being divorced in such a family, marriage oriented faith. Knowing that my children have to explain things to their children that don't fit what we teach about "families can be together forever". Not being at home. Still, it is more good than not. I have had the witness of the spirit that this is the course I must take. The boys and I are happier. Home feels more like home. I feel peaceful.

Apparently it is working out well for Glen, too. He started attending the church singles activities when the divorce became final and by Thanksgiving he was engaged. I am told it will be a short engagement. Ingrid seems like a nice lady.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays we had all my children together. Not for Thanksgiving itself, as Ruth and Tom were hosting his family. Debi had the rest of us over to her new home Thanksgiving Day where, despite the turkey being HOURS late, we had a lovely time and a delicious dinner. The siblings (my children and their spice - plural of spouse?) had a couple of sibling get togethers over Thanksgiving weekend. We all enjoyed an afternoon at Fairytale Town. I relished having all my children in one place, a feat not readily accomplished any more.

I have been working at the California Department of Parks and Recreation Business and Fiscal Services for a year now. Although I deeply miss being at home, I am constantly aware that the Lord really blessed me with this job. From the convenience of having my office right by the light rail line, to the wonderful boss, the pleasant co-workers, the opportunities to learn (I have taken 2 Accounting classes courtesy of the state and am signed up for another one next semester), and my nice work station, I am truly blessed.

For a brief time, work was even nicer. I had had the boys come downtown with me - to map my office (they did a wonderful job! the map and index they made for me has been very helpful) and to enjoy the annual opening of the downtown ice rink. They also helped out with little office odd jobs. After that, Joseph came in nearly every day for about a month and a half as an unofficial, unpaid worker. He had his own cubicle and never lacked for work. My unit loved having him. He liked getting the work experience. Unfortunately, "management" got worried about liability and put an end to his unofficial job. Even though we hardly saw each other during the work day, knowing he was there made the office feel even better to me. I miss him now.

At the end of September, my world was rocked when our Stake (comparable to a diocese) was reorganized. My ward (congregation) was dissolved. The remaining 6 wards were realigned and re-organized. So really all 7 wards were dissolved and 6 new wards created. It has been an emotional time, but our new ward, Perkins Ward, is beginning to feel like home, too. We no longer meet in our beloved building at 51st and Dover, and I miss it! but, Perkins Ward is growing into a real ward family. With the reorganization I was without a church calling for a month or so. I was beginning to feel like a non-person and wondered if being divorced had anything to do with it. Then they asked me to serve on the Ward Activities Committee and to be the Cub Scout Cub Committee Chairman. As a parent, I am also on the Scout Committee. I am making lots of Scouting noise and hoping to help make a positive difference in boy's lives. I am a little concerned about Scouting in my new ward, but I am going to try to help make it work. Also, I still nag "my" Life Scouts from old Troop 40, my fledglings. I like Eagle Courts of Honor.

I am thankful for the many blessings in my life - not least of which the many wonderful people who have blessed my life. I think of you, thank God for you and pray for your welfare. I am sorry that I do not manage to spend actual time with you!

Merry Christmas! Celebrate the birth of our Saviour with joy and thankfulness. I really love the baby Jesus, but it is the adult Jesus, an innocent man allowing Himself to be tormented for my sins; the most powerful being in the universe submitting to the torture and mockery of weak, ignorant and sinful men, an immortal God willingly dying a cruel death, and then rising triumphant so I can live again that I worship. May you feel of His Spirit and His love at Christmas and throughout the coming year.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sayonara CCC

Joseph and Andrew went to a California Conservation Corp meeting yesterday. In our excitement thinking about the CCC, we had forgotten about Joseph's susceptibility to thermal problems. At various Scouting activities in his youth, he has gotten sick from both hypothermia and from hyperthermia. As the CCC often works outside in somewhat adverse conditions, they mutually concluded that they are not a match. As for Andrew, soon after the new year, he plans to make himself available for volunteer work of another kind. The requirements are stringent, but I think that he should qualify. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It was nice while it lasted

Management sent word that Joseph cannot come to work anymore.  sigh.  Everyone liked having him here, but there are official concerns, like liability and such.  I am so sad. 
On the other hand, Joseph and Andrew are going to be taking their first state exam for some beginning office position later this month.  The wheels grind slowly, but maybe someday.....
updating by copying from a letter to a missionary friend:

One week from today is my one year anniversary working here.  I still   feel truly blessed to have gotten this job, although I deeply miss being at home.  


The California Conservation Corps has indicated that they probably finally have openings for Joseph and Andrew – residential in San Luis Obsipo –I think in January.   But, I am hoping Andrew will not be available!  Joseph is not sure he wants to leave Sacramento.  Going with Andrew sounded fun.   Going alone, not so much.  And now he has his cat to worry about, although I would keep her for him, of course!   If he goes, I am pretty sure that David and Teresa will  get him and take him to church on Sundays, maybe have him stay the weekend once in a while.   And it is right by a Community College.


Andrew and Joseph both are scheduled to take a state exam  – Office Assistant General – very starter level.   Of course the wheels of state government move much too slowly for Andrew to earn any money with them before his mission, but taking the exam will be a good experience.   Hopefully, he can get on a hold list or something.  But if not, it will be good practice.


Andrew has been going out working with Chris P lately, which he has really enjoyed. 


I still have had no contact with our Pack Cubmaster.  Phone calls get a "full mailbox" message.    I am going to drop a note by his house tonight inviting him to Pack Committee Meeting after Den Meetings next Wednesday.  I also sent Primary President  an email this morning suggesting they put me in as Cubmaster at least temporarily if it looks like he is not going to work out.   She passed it on to the Bishop's Counselor.


Ben had been taking an algebra class on line.  He completed it except for the final exam which you had to get perfect to pass.   He must have taken it 6 times and missed one.  Yesterday, he finally passed!  Happy day!   And ice cream.


Perkins Ward RS had a lovely Christmas Enrichment Meeting/Dinner last night  .   After all these year of Camellia City inviting husbands when I personally would have preferred not (although he would have been there anyway, because they always had him do sound/lights), Perkins had a ladies only when I really didn't care!   But it was nice.  We were assigned tables.  I sat with 2 other Perkins West (Camellia City Ward) ladies and 3 Perkins East ladies.   Ruth was at my table and so was Mele's sister, so that was someone from my "home ward" that I hardly knew.  There were conversation starters at the table, but we waited until it started for that.   I started the pre-conversation by asking everyone what they had done that day.  Jen is a high school science teacher, but won't be long.   Oh, why?  Lots of reasons. Any you want to share?  So we were the first to hear she is expecting her first baby in July.   Ruth and I had our first babies in July, both girls.  Georgianna had her first baby in July, a boy.  I told Jen that means she will have a boy to even it out.   Anyway, we did have plenty of pleasant conversation, then a nice, short ; ) program which included Jenna wowing the unsuspecting Perkins Easters with her voice.   The food was tasty, if not generous.  It was a nice evening.  And I got the signatures I need to turn in the (not accurate) Pack Recharter at Roundtable tomorrow night, so I don't have to go back to the church tonight.   Will I pay bills or go Christmas shopping??


I am so not ready for Christmas!


Friday, December 7, 2007

Just thinking about Christmas

I really love the baby Jesus, but it is the adult Jesus, an innocent man allowing Himself to be tormented for my sins; the most powerful being in the universe submitting to the torture and mockery of weak, ignorant and sinful men, an immortal God willingly dying a cruel death, and then rising triumphant so I can live again that I worship. 

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Talking Turkey

Thanksgiving weekend started Tuesday morning during Seminary when we took custody of Anna's friend Tuffy for a week.  By the time I got home from work, we also had Simon, of, as Ben puts it, the Vancouver team.   By which I knew that Sariah and company had arrived after spending some time with her good friend Heather (she and her husband are amazing) and their family, now of 7 children, all adopted.  We went over to visit with them and Ruth for a little bit.


Each morning for the first part of our doggie week, Ben and I walked the dogs along the parkway.  Saturday, after the siblings stayed up talking until 3am!  I just played with the dogs in the front yard, did some yard work, and hung out some more talking to David and occasionally throwing balls.  Sunday was yard day again.  Monday, the dogs all had to stay home during Seminary and Ben played with them afterwards.  Tuffy went home Monday afternoon, and Simon left during Seminary Tuesday.  All in all the doggie invasion went pretty well EXCEPT! I think it was Wednesday evening when Anna and Simon fought over food. Pretty one-sided fight!  Anna was very naughty.  After that, Anna spent a lot of time locked in my room when I couldn't supervisor her and each dog was locked in a separate part of the house until they all finished eating or the food was removed. Velox pretty much stayed in Joseph's room as usual, but did venture out briefly towards the end of their stay.  Mostly, things went well.  Tuffy's family was able to travel without worrying about her and Ben earned some money for camp.


Everyone (all my kids except Ruth who was hostessing her in-laws, Glen and his fiancée, and our friends the Gonzalez family) brought something to Thanksgiving dinner at Debi's.  I was in charge of the turkey.  I did get it in the oven a little later than planned, but not much.  It must have still been nearly frozen inside, because it took a really LONG time.  I was testing it in the thigh, but my friend thought we should try the breast. Hooray! it tested done.  We took it out to set and put other things in the oven.  When Carlos began to carve, Oh, NO!, it was not thoroughly cooked.  We had to wait for oven availability before it could go back.  After originally aiming for 2pm, but knowing we would likely be a little late, we didn't eat until shortly after 6!  By that time, the Vancouver team had had to leave to be with Sariah's in-laws.  That was bad.  Fortunately, no one was starving as we had lots of appetizers – crackers and cheeses, stuffed eggs,  dip and chip.  Also, fortunately, when we finally did eat, everything was delicious.  Ok, I did NOT try the scrawning, DARK, leathery looking goose. Ben did, brave soul, and said it wasn't too bad.

It was a overall a pleasant day.  It was also our meeting of Ingrid, Glen's intended.  I like her much more than her fiancée, no big surprise.  She was pleasant, conversant, helpful, and at ease with herself and others.


Friday morning, David and Teresa and I did a session at the Sacramento Temple.  We had thought that more of us would come, but it was hard to get up and part of the Vancouver team forgot their recommend.  It was a full session, nonetheless.  Rosers brought the kids up to look at the temple and take pictures.  Back to our respective bases for lunch. Then we all went to Fairy Tale Town where the kids (of various ages!) and adults visited.  It was pretty crowded, but not terribly.  Esther and Jared love the Tree House Slide.  The big kids had a lot of fun on the funny long tube seesaw thing in Sherwood Forest.  Fairytale Town seems to retain its magic for the young at heart.

Ruth hoped to meet Ingrid, so the kids invited her and Glen.  Unfortunately, Ingrid had errands, so she dropped Glen off at FTT. FairyTale Town closed before she was done. David and Teresa took Glen to wherever she was.  Ruth made food assignments and invited everyone to eat dinner at her place, again hoping to meet Ingrid.  That worked out only so-so.  Ruth was busy organizing in the kitchen, Ingrid and Glen sat in the corner looking at Ruth's Ikea catalog.  There were too many of us to all eat at the same table.  Ruth motioned for them to eat at her table, but they didn't.  At first Ruth was a bit disappointed that she didn't see the pleasant, friendly person we told her about, but then she decided that it had been a couple of long days for everyone and Ingrid was probably tired.

Friday evening after dinner was siblings only at Ruth's house.  They stayed up talking until 3am!!! 

Saturday, David and Teresa headed back to Cal Poly.  We were lucky to have them visit so long, they even sacrificed going to Teresa's family's traditional chocolate dipping day Friday.  But it didn't seem like a very long visit at all!

Rosers came to church with us Sunday and dinner at Ruth's.  After the children and Grandma (me) went to bed, the siblings talked to Glen about their concerns about getting married again so quickly and what it teaches the grandchildren about the importance of marriage.  He told them that he and Ingrid would talk about what they said.

Monday, it was back to work for me.  Tuffy went home in the afternoon.  Rosers stuck around and I saw them briefly that evening, but I had homework to do and left the siblings to themselves again.  They picked up Simon and headed back north while Ben and I were at Seminary Tuesday.  Rosers were in California a whole week.  They have so many people who want to have time with them that the time just flies.  They have to be careful not to be run ragged visiting friends and relatives.  We sure enjoyed our time with them.

There was one little disappointment.  Ben really wanted everyone to play Monopoly, but it just didn't work out.  Yesterday, for his birthday, my Sacramento kids and I got together and played - even I played! - as a birthday present for Benjamin.  My "baby" is 15 years old and shaving.