Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Family Car Night

We popped up some popcorn, printed up the Sacramento Bee Holiday Lights Guide and piled in the car, 3 boys, 1 dog, and me.   For about 2 hours we wandered the city looking at lights, listening to Christmas music on the radio, and (Andrew and I) singing along. We hardly made a dent in the list. (We should plan ahead, mark up a big map, and go out different evenings by area.) Some of the addresses either I or the Bee must have gotten wrong, because either there were no lights (!) or just regular lights on houses,  but we did see some nice displays. 


One of our favorites was not on the list-  the house on 48th st right by Hwy 50.   Lighted displays in front, on the big side yard, inside the house, on the roof, even in the backyard.  The owner was out visiting with people and answering questions.   Very friendly.  As much fun as the house, was a group of bicyclers we saw finishing their visit there –decorated bikes,  one bike towing a small "sleigh" loaded with gifts and a big teddy bear.   Several of the bikers wearing various holiday hats or antlers, and strings of lights on their person.  It looked like they were having a fabulous time.   We heard that they were on their way to dessert, too.  What fun!


Of course we visited the neighborhood of 53rd and S off T Street.  With over 20 homes participating, it is delightful.  


3601 Kranhold Way is covered, totally covered, with LED lights, every wall – it looks like even the backyard wall, the trees, the shrubs.   It was impressive.


The real hit of the evening, which by serendipity was our last stop, was 3240 Eastwood Way.  64,000 lights on the house, the roof, the tree, the lawn (piano like), arches forming a tunnel on the driveway- programmed to their own broadcast of Christmas music.   Not only impressive, but fun.  Several times, we just laughed out loud as the lights performed for us.  We sat parked for about 10-15 minutes watching and listening.  If you are in Sacramento between now and the 26th, go by there between 5:30 and 10pm.   This was one house it would be worth going out of your way to enjoy.


The evening did much to banish the Bah-Humbugs, a real spirit lifter.

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  1. Sounds fun!

    We saw lights for our FHE too, but we went to see the boats on the river do their parade. It wasn't as impressive as what you saw but it was still kind of fun to watch, especially since we did it with friends. :)

    Glad it cured the Bah-Humbugs! :)