Sunday, January 2, 2000

Stamps I Have

Mostly Stampin'Up sets. Isn't it grand?!

  • A Little Love
  • All I Have Seen
  • Alpha Builders & Accessories
  • Americana
  • Apple Orchard- wheel
  • Autumn
  • Baby Firsts
  • Baby Time- wheel
  • Beach Babies
  • Best of Cluck
  • Betsy the BeeKeeper
  • Bold and Bright
  • Bold Butterfly
  • Border Builders
  • Bow Wow
  • Brides and Babies
  • Brushstroke Alphabet
  • Brushstroke Hummingbird
  • Brushstroke Numbers
  • Button Bear
  • Buttons, Bows and Twinkletoes
  • Campout
  • Cats - not Stampin’Up
  • Chore Chart
  • Christmas Peace
  • City of David
  • City Scenes - not Stampin’Up
  • Cold-Weather Friends
  • Confetti Streamers - wheel
  • Construction Set
  • Country Apple
  • Decorator Shelf
  • Doggy Days- wheel
  • Dreams and Dragons
  • Easter Egg
  • Easy Check- wheel
  • Every Day Expressions
  • Fall for All
  • Fantastic Foliage
  • Farm animal - not Stampin’UP
  • Feathered Hope
  • Fine Print
  • florals - not Stampin’Up
  • Framed Fun
  • Franny Farmer
  • Friendships Grow
  • Fun with Shapes
  • Garden Blocks
  • Gift from Heaven (A)
  • Gift of Love (The)
  • Gifts of Spring, The
  • Girlfriends
  • Going Out In Style
  • Good Ol’ Summertime
  • Good Sport
  • Great Greetings
  • Greatest Gift
  • Halloween Backgrounds
  • Handmade with Love II
  • Happy Harvest
  • Happy Healing
  • Hats Off To You
  • Have a Heart
  • Heart and Home
  • Hearts and Posies
  • Heavenly Days
  • Hedgehog Happiness
  • Hello Spring
  • Horses, Passion for
  • In Full Bloom
  • In The Wild
  • It’s a Girl Thing
  • Just A Line
  • Just For Fun
  • Just Jeans (background)
  • Just Journaling
  • Lexicon of Love
  • Lion King - not Stampin’Up
  • Little by Little
  • Little Hellos
  • Loads of Love
  • Loads of Love Accessories
  • Long Stemmed
  • Lovely as a Tree
  • Lovely Leaves
  • Madonna and Child
  • Meow Meow
  • Mini Mates
  • Miracle of Christmas
  • Nice and Easy Notes
  • Noah and His Ark
  • Old Glory
  • On The Beach
  • One Hundred One Dalmations - not Stampin’Up
  • Painted Garden
  • Party Animals
  • Passion for Horses - not Stampin' Up
  • Perfect Ending
  • Petite Patterns
  • Power Up
  • Quick and Cute
  • Rainy Days
  • Roses in Winter
  • Roughing It
  • Scouts at Play
  • Seaside Sketches
  • Seasonal Images
  • Shell Greetings
  • Simple Sketches
  • Simple Wishes
  • Sketches
  • Smorgasborders
  • Snow Angels
  • Snow Globe
  • Soft Swirls
  • Spring Garden
  • Stamp A Scene - not Stampin’Up
  • Stars and Swirls
  • Stipple Floral
  • Swell News
  • Sugar and Spice
  • Summer By The Sea
  • Swirls and Blossoms Background
  • Teeny Tinies
  • Thanks Be For Thee
  • Thanks Snow Much
  • Tool Time
  • Toy Box
  • Travel Time
  • Turkey Talk
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Water Color Minis
  • Watercolor Garden II
  • Wildlife Reserve
  • Winged Things
  • World Over, The
  • Wreath of Roses
  • Writing Rebus
  • Young Woman Values - not Stampin’Up
  • wheel - By The Sea
  • wheel - Farmyard (jumbo)
  • wheel - Great Outdoors
  • wheel - Gym Shoe
  • wheel - Hedgie Play
  • wheel - Kitty Kapers
  • wheel - Millinery
  • wheel - Paw Tracks
  • wheel - Penguin Pool
  • wheel - Pine Bough
  • wheel - Splatter
  • wheel - Spring Things
  • wheel - Stitched Hearts
  • wheel - Sweet Feet
  • wheel - Swirling Leaves
  • wheel - Tailgating
  • wheel - Time for a Tree
  • wheel - Wild Horses
  • wheel - Zoom
  • wheel -Making Music

Saturday, January 1, 2000

Sariah's wish list

birthday July 12, 1975 married October 3, 1996 updated November 11, 2006

CDs - Bette Midler's new dual CDs of Peggy Lee songs

Gold necklaces are good (I keep breaking mine!), Scrapbooking stuff or Gift Certificates for them, Jewelry (handmade is fun), FHE packets, Art or other "craft" (whatever your hobby/talent is) made by gift giver, Cool/interesting/nice nativities or other holiday decorations, Pictures of giver and giver's family, Super nice copy of the LOTR trilogy to keep on my bookshelf (I'll keep reading my paperbacks since they've already been "loved"),

I like: Whales, especially Killer Whales, The Ocean/Beach, LOTR, Yamaha Baby Grand Pianos, Red Sox, New England Patriots, Cooking, Stamping, Scrapbooking, Candles, Harry Potter,

Gift Certificates: Leatherby's (in Sacto), Silver Chopsticks (in Sacto) - if they have them, Pampered Chef, PartyLite, Tupperware, Michael's, Hollywood Video, Movie Theater (Bangobucks on line), Cold-Stone Ice cream, Boppin' Bo's (in Vancouver), Manicures, Deseret Books, Stampin' Up! (Get it from Ruth)
Captain Crunch Berries Cereal, Lipton's split pea soup(if you ever see it, I can't find it anywhere!), Kit Kat or Twix candy bars, POPCORN!!! (butter flavored or kettle corn), Altoid Tangerine Sours or Citrus Sours candy - not the other sour flavors, just those!

I love Nativies. I'm starting to collect them. So... cute, interesting, special, foreign, etc.
one idea - a really cute Snowman one

any book from Emily Watts (LDS author) - loved her at Time Out for Women, I think I'd love her books too!

Link Watch from Deseret Book #4918155, $19.95 and almost any Italian Charm links that remind you of me - like...

A nice CTR or temple one, or "I amd a Child of God", etc, Piano, Green, LOTR (do they have any of those?), Killer Whale, Stamp/Scrapbook, Ryan, Acadia's and Aurora's initials or birthstones (Rye- Garnet, Cadi Pearl or Alexandrite, Aurora - Ruby), My initial or birthstone (Ruby), "1003", A blue frog (Good luck finding that!)
Anderson Cooper's new book
Anne of Green Gables on DVD

Family Wish Lists

Barbara's Stampin'Up Wish List
Hinds Family

Barbara's Stampin'Up Wish List

Stampin'Up Wish List

Idea Book & Catalog July 2006 - 2007

Hostess Gifts
Level 1 - Warmest Regards
Level 2 - Both Way Blossoms
Level 3 - Basket Full of Fun

  • * Ahoy, Matey $ 22.95 page 108
  • All God's Children p 94 $19.95
  • All Wrapped Up p. 103 $ 19.95
  • All Wrapped Up Accessories p. 103 $ 9.95
  • Artfully Asian $ 22.95 page 89
  • Artifacts $ 22.95 page 160
  • Baby Talk $ 22.95 page 74
  • * Birthday Beauty $14.95 page 109
  • Bugs & Kisses $24.95 page 145
  • By Air $ 22.95
  • By Land $ 22.95
  • Cold Play $26.95 page 37
  • Cute as a Bug $14.95 page 145
  • Fall Whimsy pg. 130 $14.95
  • Favorite Teddy pg. 70 $29.95
  • Flakey Friends pg. 39 $ 24.95
  • Flower Fest $34.95 page 117
  • Fontastic $16.95 page 168
  • Fun Filled page $16.95 page 64
  • Happy Camper $29.95
  • Happy Everything $16.95 paqe 181
  • Hearfelt Thanks $28.95 page 116
  • Give Thanks $19.95 page 126
  • Itty Bitty Borders pg 161 $ 11.95
  • Mix & Mingle $14.95 page 93
  • Noble Deer $17.95 page 143
  • On the Move $19.95 page 83
  • Pines pg 136 $ 24.95
  • Pocket Fun p. 106 $ 19.95
  • Simple Shapes p. 160 22.95
  • Simply Said $24.95 page 87
  • Sketch It pg. 25 $ 34.95
  • Stay Tuned $ 19.95 page 93
  • Weathered $ 16.95 page 169
  • Word By Word $16.95 page 168
  • * Word Search $16.95 page 170
  • Wild About You $22.95
  • Year Round Fun II p. 25 $ 28.95
  • wheels @ $5.95

    • Acorns
    • Daisy Field
    • * Hot to Dot
    • Jazz $5.95
    • Lily Pad
    • Making Tracks
    • * Matey's Map
    • Pounce
    • Star
    • Star Studded
    • * Watercolor Joy
    • Whirly Twirly

    jumbo wheelS @ $7.95

    • Adoring Hearts
    • Leaf Fest
    • Leaves Awash
    • Nature Hike
    • Spot On
    • Square Pegs
    • * Watercolor Vine

      retired, but if you come across them.... (The price is the old catalog price.)

      • Alphabet Appeal
        Upper $26.96 Lower $26.95 Numbers $ 15.95
      • * Antique Cracking $ 16.95
      • Beary Best $ 29.95
      • Bitty Bolds $ 14.95
      • By Sea $ 22.95
      • Cowboy Kid $21.95
      • God Bless $ 24.95
      • Going Buggy
      • Going My Way Jumbo Wheel $7.95
      • Happy Fall Y'all $19.95
      • Holiday Hedgehogs $28.95
      • Geometric Background $ 16.95
      • Good Times $ 28.95
      • Inspirationals $ 18.95
      • Just Beakause $24.95
      • Just Flying By
      • Ladybug Picnic $ 22.95
      • * Leapfrogs $28.95
      • Little Boys $ 17.95
      • Little Letters $ 26.95
      • Little Numbers $ 16.95
      • Little Shapes $ 11.95
      • Musical Scores $ 16.95
      • * On the Farm $ 19.95
      • Paper Dolls $ 29.95
      • Paper Pals $ 19.95
      • Phrase Starters $ 19.95
      • Please Be Seated
      • Road Trip $ 21.95
      • * Rubbber Ducky $ 22.95
      • Say It With Scriptures $ 19.95
      • Scribbles $ 11.95
      • Set Sail $ 17.95
      • The Shape of Things $ 26.95
      • Sheltering Tree $24.95
      • Simple Stripes Background 16.95
      • Sketch an Event $ 21.95
      • Star Spangled wheel $5.95
      • Snowy Trees wheel $5.95
      • Star-Spangled Banner $ 14.95
      • Sweet and Sassy $16.95
      • Terrific Tulips $ 24.95
      • Teddy Time wheel $ 5.95
      • The Wheel Thing $14.95
      • Year round Fun $ 28.95

      • * Simply Scrappin’ Kits @ 12.95
        * - A New Little Someone -Boy
        * - A New Little Someone - Girl
        * -Toy Box
        * -Travel Time
        * -Camp Out
        * -Summer Sketches
        * Girlfriends
        * Crayon Kids
        * Fresh Fowers
        * On the Beach
        * Flaky Friends

Barbara's Wish List

birthday September 10

candy: dark chocolate, Sees, Hersheys Special Dark,Dark chocolate M7Ms , Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Special Dark Dove, dark choc Promises, Almond Joy, Aimond Kisses, Peanut M&M's, Snickers

cereal: Spoon size Shredded Wheat, Honey Bunches of Oats, Life (although, actually, I don't eat much cereal)
apple: Granny Smith, Macintosh, Fuji

colors: naturlal greens, lots of colors - moslty "clear", toward the blue ranges, not usually orange or garish

scents: Avon "Soft Musk", Avon "Roses, Roses," light clear florals

authors and books : Dick Francis, James Herriot, Dean Hughes, Charles Dickens, historical ficiton

music: light classical, easy listening, Celtic, Spanish classical guitar, old musicals, big band, swing, Michael McLean, The 5 Browns (classcical piano)
jewelry: simple, not too big - gold or silver - I like both, pearls, diamonds
small dangle earrings (pierced)

Flowers: yes! carnations, roses, daffodils, daisies, mums - not so much orchids and Bird of Paradise

Most of all, I wish to know that my children 1) have testiomonies of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel and 2) like me.

* in no particular order, some realistic and some just dreaming:
* Wish List
* lots and lots of Stampin'Up stuff
* * hand made card, especially if you write nice things inside
* solid color T shirts, Vee or scoop neck, size 2XL
* clothes for work - office worker, dress for success, but comfortable
*CA state park messenger bag
* CanSolidator
* ferns , fiowers, strawberry plants
* dwarf lemon and/or lime trees - do they make multi's?
* dwarf multi-apple trees
* barrel planters and rollers for the planters
* WORK in the garden or the house
* photos, albums, videos (good job Sariah and Ruth! Keep them coming)
* Games like Taboo, Balderdash, Cranium or from Simply Fun : Eye to Eye, In10sity, Chess on the Loose, Linkity
* recording and / or music for "Mary, Did You Know?"
* DVD or book for "The Children's Christmas Story"
*DVD's of "West Wing" "Remmington Steele" other old TV shows I like like "Andy Griffith" "Murder, She Wrote" "Diagnosis Murder"* car wash
* handkerchiefs
* aprons
*** testimonies
**an Apple laptop
*after I have a laptop - Adobe Photoshop
* Nativities
* *bike light / bike odometer
* gift certificates for almost anywhere
* for Palm - folding keyboard
* membership to a good family gym
* make dinner
* trips - Washington DC, Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, Legoland, Boston, Ireland, cruise to Alaska
* Digital Timer on a rope $5.99 from Country Store
* chew toys for Anna
*wardrobe help - gently and kindly given
* hair makeover - something simple enough for me to do

Benjamin's Wish List

birthday December 1 updated 1/1/06


candy bars: Butterfinger, Kit Kat, Reese's, Crunch

cereal: Cocoa Puffs, Cap'n Crunch

apple: Granny Smith

colors: blue / silver

scents: "Christmas cookies" candle from Winco

authors: JRR Tokien (we have The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings), CS Lewis (have The Chronicles of Narnia), Christopher Paolini (have Eragon, Eldest), Dick Francis

Stampin' Up sets

others stuff :

camp gear (has 2 man tent, flashlight, sleeping bag, mess kit, compass) backpack, leatherman (pocket knife), hatchet

digital camera


bicycle stuff - odometer, lights

books -

gift cards - Target, any clothing store, shoe store , camping store, ice cream place,other

Andrew's Wish List

birthday May 22


Magic 8 Ball

set of wieghts

10/03/ 06

I like lots of wierd things, and few of the normal things. Most of the stuff that I really like is pretty cheap, so don't be afraid to NOT waste your money on gifts. ^^

Wooden things are nifty, especially pencils. Bundle up a few pencils in a nice ribbon, and that'll be good enough for me. A good pencil sharpener would also be apreciated. ^^

I've been considering getting a pair of roller blades for a few days now, and my shoes are wearing out, if that gives you any ideas. By the way, I run and climb a lot, so I need good grip on the front of my shoes, and my shoe size is nine. Also, my helmet used to belong to David. It's pretty old.

I like hexahedrons (or cubes) of any size, color or function. (Think of dice, or a Rubik's Cube.)

As far as Legos are concerned, they're getting pretty lame. They mutilated the Bionicle series, which I once thought showed promise, and the other new sets they make aren't much better. A few sets from the Star Wars series are still good, but I've got too many legos already. XD

Chocolate is GOOD, but too much sugar in one candy bar isn't. Any candy bar with peanuts in it makes a great gift. Likewise, dark chocolate is sweet, but not too sweet.

Music- I'd die without it. The only CD that I'd ask for specifically is Mud On The Tires by Brad Paisly. Tom burned me a copy, but Joe says that it isn't fair to the artist. Other than that, just go by the artist. I like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Wierd Al, and the Moody Blues. Maybe I should get a CD player, so I can listen to music without using computer time.

My clothes are simple- Jeans and T-shirts, mostly. I've got enough jeans, but if you'd like to add to my T-shirt collection, I wear all shirt colors ranging from black to blue. Midnight and Navy are particular favorites of mine.

If all else fails, or if you're not in the shopping mood, a Target gift card would be great. The sheer versatility of it is impressive, and it makes regifting a cinch! Seriously though, if I really want something, I'll just go to Target, and get it myself after Chistmas. XD

All things considered, gifts are purely material. For my birthday, all I want is a party, and for Chistmas, I spend a special day with my familly. Really, what more do you need? ^^

Joseph's Wish List

birthday  April 13        updated 11/25/06

The more stars the better. Information is as good as (sometimes better than) things.

**A cup like the one Tom made (I won't take it camping this time. :^)

Candy and snacks;
**snacks that doesn't get fingers dirty or oily
*chocolate, esp. dark chocolate, mint chocolate, Hershey with Almonds, or Baby Ruth
*Sun Chips
*beef jerky
goldfish crackers

Music / Audio: (No DRM except FairPlay [iTunes] or lame audio CD + 2nd session autostart junk [ask Tom or David].)
**recording of The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy original radio
series (BBC Radio 4, if I remember right. Recordings were hard to find
when I looked for them.)
Lord of the Rings sound track
Myst sound track
*iTunes gift certificate

Computer stuff: (easier to understand stuff first)
(Maybe David can help "translate.")
***good system for organizing random pieces of info (like "Shaving cream can take tomato stains out of carpet." [I don't know if that's true.])
*design ideas for a priority calculator/task manager program
**information about practical fractal image enhancement (how to do it in Adobe Photoshop 7.0, or with free (gratis + libre), open source software [such as the GIMP])

*big ATA/IDE hard drive (100+ GB)
Firewire (a.k.a. IEEE 1394) + USB 2.0 Plug-n-Play PCI card (needs to work on GNU/Linux)

*adjustable wrench
Stanley 20 oz. AntiVibe hammer

Biking stuff:
**goggles that I can wear with glasses and helmet (to keep cold air and dust off eyes)
*Thomas Guide w/ light rail after line expansion (South Line phase 2+ and Folsom extension)
American River Bicycle (on Folsom) gift certificate

Linux from Scratch by Gerard Beekmans, Second Edition (Version 6.0) or later w/CD
1984 by George Orwell
Buffettology by Mary Buffett and David Clark

Other stuff:
**information on where to get strong, legal milk crates.
*thing that holds lots of ID-size cards
Book holder (to slant a book on a table for easier reading)
AA batteries (I-C3 or NiMH)
Solid color tie

candy: see candy and snacks near the top
cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, Lucky Charms
apple: Fuji
colors: forest green or brown for clothing/fabric on things, dark blue for translucent stuff, blue or red for lights/glowing stuff (Don't worry about it.)
shoes: 9 1/2

Hinds Family Wish List

Sacramento Zoo or Fairytale Town memberships

Gift cards for Sears Portrait Studio, restaurants, Ikea, Scooba

Debi's Wish List

birthday  Aug 5 or June 66 (better birthstone)                                                     updated 10/25/ 06

see her Amazon wish list
and her Stampin'UP wish list

movies - anything good, but leave it unopened Just In Case
DVDs "Remmingtons Steele" (has season 1), "West Wing" (ALL seasons are in a box set, see Amazon wishlist), "Ed," "Rudolph" and Santa Claus is Coming to Town"
"Rudolph and Misfit Toys"ornament from CVS '99
waffle maker like Tom & Ruth's
money - in any form; cash, gas card, gift cards (Target, Walmart, Safeway, Macy's, Stampin' Up, Victoria's Secret, Fandangos, Pampered Chef), iTunes
color: PINK, "Sex on the Beach" China Glaze Nail Enamel (ask Ruth)
scents: "Halo" from Victoria's Secret, vanilla, Spring Water (Party Lite), Zen (Party Lite)
author: Dr Seuss
music: U2, David Bowie, Bare Naked Ladies
rock/pop, 80's

candy bar: Baby Ruth, 100 Grand, Dove, Reese's, M&Ms

cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cookie Crisp, Capt'n Crunch Berries, Corn Pops, Reese's Puffs

apple: Fuji

shirts/tops: small - medium      pants: 5/7      shoes: 7

Jared's Wish List

birthday Sep 29, 2005 updated 10/25/06 wish list

favorite color: blue, shiny

clothing size appropriate to age

favorite authors: Sandra Boynton, Dr Seuss, Shel Silvestein

chunky trucks
burp cloths, bibs
a Baby Einstein movie
teddy bear
pictures of family

Esther's Wish List

birthday July 23, 2005 updated 10/25/05 wish list

  • authors: Dr Seuss, Sandra Boynton, Sesame Street books
  • music: Sesame Street, Michael Buble, Veggie Tales, children's music and dance music
  • Princess anything
  • Favorite shows/ characters: Blues Clues & Sesame Street
  • a fireman hose
  • Notebooks
  • Clothes- pants 2T, tops or outfits 2T
  • shoes, tights, socks
  • Shoe size 6
  • favorite color: pink, sparkly
  • play jewelry
  • play money
  • play food
  • letter and number cookie cutters
  • trucks and cars
  • pictures of the family
  • Hands- on book to learn how to use buttons, zippers, Velcro, etc.
  • Touch & feel book
  • Educational computer games or books for her age group
  • Loves all animals, especially horses, dogs, and cats
  • “Sparkly” and shiny things
  • Loves alphabet and numbers
  • Balls

Tom's Wish List

birthday May 6, 1976 married July 13, 1999 updated 1/1/06

Amazon Wish list

candy: chocolate covered pretzels

cereal: Honeycomb

apple: Fuji

scents: silver dollar

authors: Shel Silverstein, Calvin and Hobbes, old Peanuts

music: Danny Elfman, Depeche Mode, Sting, U2, Oingo Boingo, (has it all)

music genres: yes

Numark CDX
INXS tickets
Gift certificates to Target, IMAX
music room
camping: fire pit, stove, tent trailer, utensils

XL, if seems more large than XL, then L
pants 36-32 depending on brand
shoe: 10

Ruth's Wish List

birthday April 1, 1981 married July 13, 1999 updated 1/1/06


candy bar: Symphony Toffee and Almonds, anything with toffee!. Skor, Take 5, Baby Ruth

cereal: Resse's Puffs , Life

Flowers: lots! daisies, roses, tulips

apple: Fuji, Gala

colors: browns, greens, blues, purples, black, shiny

scents: Victoria Secrets "Heavenly" from Angel collection, vanillas are always good

authors: Becky Higgins ( I have Creative Sketches), any author from Creative Keepsakes, Rachel Ray

musical artists: Marvin Golstein ( I have "A Gift of Love")

music genres: dance wish list

gift certificates: Macy's, Target, Deseret Book, Cheesecake Factory, Strings Restaurant, Macaroni Grill, Jamba Juice, Wal-mart, Pampered Chef, Sees, Merry Maids, ice cream places, Party Lite, Disney Store, KFC, Shoe Pavillion, Bobma Co, Sketchers, Old Navy

shirts/ tops: small, sometimes medium
pants: 4-7
shoes: 8 or 8 1/2

Jewelry: I love silver, pearls, diamonds,
Italian Charm links, I would like a watch piece

  • Creative Sketches for Scrapbooking by Becky Higgins Vol. 2
  • Cute/ Fun socks
  • Scooba by iRobot ($400)
  • Candles
  • Mystery dinner / Music Circus tickets
  • cute pajamas
  • nativities, ornaments
  • chocolate
  • Creating Keepsakes magazine subscription
  • Danish butter cookies
  • Holly Foell's toffee recipe!
  • Money ($10 or less is fine!) for thift store scavenger hunts
  • KitchenAid Artisan® Series Mixer- Cobalt or Reef Blue
  • $ for stamping & scrapbooking goodies!
  • The Children’s Christmas Story on CD (I have it on cassette)
  • China Glaze Nail enamel

Miriam's Wish List

birthday May 10 updated 10/25/06

Miriam's Amazon wish list - everything *Amazon wish list - books Amazon wish list - cooking stuffAmazon wish list - games* (I added stuff to my games list, but I don't think I put it on my everything list, so sorry it's not really everything.)

Gift cards/certificates {Unlike some people, I do consider this a fun and thoughtful gift.} :Macy's, Target,, Ikea, Stampin' Up!, Pampered Chef,Cold Stone, Cheesecake Factory, Jamba Juice, Baskin Robbins, La Bou, Bead stores,

Homemade cards

Books and Authors (see Amazon list – I have to work on this list though): Essentials of Baking, Spiral bound Betty Crocker\'s Cookbook, Rachel Ray, Ben and Jerry\'s Ice Cream Recipe book, other cook booksBecky Higgins Creative Sketches, CS Lewis

Games (see Amazon list): board games (but not Monopoly), Cranium, Othello, Clue, Slap! (the apology game)

Things that smell good: lotions, etc. (but not bath salts), I like body sprays, body wash, moisturizing soap, & room sprays from Bath and Body Works.

Music:U2, Petshop Boys, U2, Sting, Michael Bublé, Bare Naked Ladies,
Music Genres: swing, ska, dancing music, Life Scapes from Target, Celtic

Jewelry: small, silver, diamonds, garnets, not pearls

Clothing sizes: Misses: 8
Juniors: Large
shirts/tops: small /medium pants 8s
shoes 8

some favorites:

Candy: Chocolate, Kit Kat, Mr. Goodbar, Hershey\'s w/Almonds, 3 Musketeers, Sympony with Toffee, Forerro Rocher

Cereal: Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisp

Apples: Granny Smith, Macintosh, Fugi

Colors: brown, black, silver, gray, blue,

Scents: from Bath and Body Works: Sweet Pea, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Apple (I can’t remember the exact name)

Teresa's Wish List

Teresa Deanne HemsleyRobarts birthday March 20, 1980 married May 4, 2006

updated 4/22/06

David and Teresa have a Wedding Registry at

Amazon.comwish list

candy bar: Milky Way, Rolo, Nestle Caramel Treasures

cereal: granola, Rice Chex, Grape Nuts, plain Cheerios

apple: Gala, Fuji, Pink Lady

color: purple, white, royal blue

scents: French Vanilla

flowers: carnation, rose, lilies

jewelry: silver, white gold; stones - pearls, amethyst, aquamarine birthstone, sapphire, diamond
ears not pierced
I wear necklaces and bracelets alot, earrings not so much

authors: Victor Hugo (have Le Mesirables), Jane Austin (have all her published novels), CS Lewis

Music: Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Fanz List, Josh Grban (have his first 3 albums), Michael Buble

classical, soft rock, big band/swing, opera (have Rigoletto and Tales of Hoffman, La Boheme)

Gift Certificates: Borders, Barnes and Noble, Jamba Juice, Olive Garden

journals, spiral or hardbound
baby grand piano - mahogany finish
pizza rocker knife
trip to Hawaii, Europe or South America
Scrabble, Taboo, SkipBo

shirts/tops: L- XL
shoes: 9 1/2

David's Wish List

updated November 12, 2006 Birthday March 6, 1977 married May 4, 2006

David and Teresa have a Wedding Registry at

Of course wish lists are not expectation lists and my wish lists do not include everything I might possibly like. If you look at my wish lists and get another idea, great!

Amazon Wish list - computer stuff
Amazon Wish list - design books
Amazon Wish list - fiction
Amazon ish List - music
Amazon Wish list - misc

A paper shredder to deal with junk mail.

A task lamp for my drafting table would be very nice. One of my
classmates has one that uses a fluorescent bulb and an incandescent
bulb which would be nice for energy efficiency and color balance.
Halogen labs are also nice. It must have a good swing arm to reach
over my work without getting into the way.

At studio I can have a mini-fridge - a great place to keep my lunch
(institute doesn't open until 9, but I often have classes starting at 7)

candy bars: Almond Joy, Mounds, Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Special Dark, Symphony Almond and Toffee Chip

cereal: Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, Honey Nut Cheerios, Honey Bunches of Oats

apple: Fuji, Granny Smith, must be crisp!

color: purple, blue, green

music: the Aquabats, swing, ska

shirts/tops: Neck 17.5-18 sleeve 37 chest 46.5 XLT
I love oxford cloth shirts. I especially like the look of long sleeves
(but a new short sleeve white shirt would be useful too).
if the shirt is long sleeve and doesn't have sleeve size, be sure it is a "tall" size

pants: Waist 43.5 inseam 32
i prefer relaxed fit, tapered leg pants

shoe: US 14 UK 13 EUR 50

bike shoes w/ clipless petals
dance shoes (Bleyers from or suede soles)
Doc Martens
swing clothes
cool ties/suspenders (3 point button)
anything that will make me look good (I can wish can’t I?)

drafting table
iPod speakers
desk (please provide storage space until I have a place to put it)

I have my Powerbook G4, it's a little on the old side, but I just got
a new battery for it! Right now what I think I'd like most is a
computer at home to replace Teresa's PC tower. I think a Mac Mini
(Intel CoreDuo) would be best - we could run Windows with Boot Camp or
Parallels. Of course I wouldn't complain about a Mac Book Pro or Mac Pro.
Teresa's computer has a 15" CRT monitor. Her current video card
wouldn't be able to take advantage of anything larger (but a new
computer would). I'd be nice to have a flat panel monitor to save
space, but if we did get a new computer we could use her monitor with
it if we didn't have anything else.
23" flat panel monitor for my Powerbook (it can't drive a 30" screen).
USB Speakers for my Powerbook
Printer (preferably laser)
or All-in-one (Scanner/Printer combo)

I can always use socks - athletic and dress. I like crew length heel and toe socks not tube socks.
leather work gloves (extra large, maybe extra extra)

garments - cotton polyester (not mesh) usually I prefer crew necks

Aurota's Wish List

updated November 11, 2006
Educational toys for 6 months and up Clothes size will likely be 6-9 months Butterflies Diapers, lol
Gift certs to Target, Toys R Us, Disney wrapping paper and bows, lol

Acadia's Wish List

birthday June 17, 1999 updated November 11, 2006:
Toys from the 12 Dancing Princesses Movie - especially the orange cat
A toy Stroller
MP3 player
Radio with headphones
Toy Puppy
Favorite candy: Chocolate and peanut butter
Favorite cereals: Fruit Loops and Life Honey Graham Cracker flavor
More Gift Cert ideas: Toys R Us, Chuck E. Cheese's, The Learning Palace, Disney Stores, the mall Money to go towards for horse riding lessons or extra gymnastics classes
she likes horses, kitty cats, dancing, etc...
Also - anything that has to do with animals, saving animals, helping animals, etc. She loves Animal Planet.
Barbie accessories like clothes or shoes.
Rubber stamps- foam or wood stamps that you find cheap would be good.
educational toys
Spaghetti-Os, Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Rolls,
Chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk
Gift Certificates to McDonalds,
Strawberry Shortcake
Art supplies - she likes to draw, color, finger paint, use scissors and tape, glitter, etc.
Clothing - She is in 7/8 currently. And even then, some size 7's are too small. Shoe size, 2.
Little hamster goodies to share with Angel

Ryan's Wish List

Birthday January 28, 1974 married October 3, 1996updated November 11, 2006
Frankly, I don't want anything. But, in the interest of playing along and so Sariah won't make a list for me, here's what I'm interested in:
-Tie clips not pins -Gift Certificates to any bookstore or tool store, or pretty much to anything-a phone call for no reason -Recipes for desserts-Self portrait of the giver, be it photographic or other medium -a challenge to an online game or some other challenge -a new knee -or whatever floats your boat
loves Lord of the Rings New England Patriots Boston Red Socks Patriots or Jimmy Neutron throw blanket Hiking