Saturday, January 1, 2000

Sariah's wish list

birthday July 12, 1975 married October 3, 1996 updated November 11, 2006

CDs - Bette Midler's new dual CDs of Peggy Lee songs

Gold necklaces are good (I keep breaking mine!), Scrapbooking stuff or Gift Certificates for them, Jewelry (handmade is fun), FHE packets, Art or other "craft" (whatever your hobby/talent is) made by gift giver, Cool/interesting/nice nativities or other holiday decorations, Pictures of giver and giver's family, Super nice copy of the LOTR trilogy to keep on my bookshelf (I'll keep reading my paperbacks since they've already been "loved"),

I like: Whales, especially Killer Whales, The Ocean/Beach, LOTR, Yamaha Baby Grand Pianos, Red Sox, New England Patriots, Cooking, Stamping, Scrapbooking, Candles, Harry Potter,

Gift Certificates: Leatherby's (in Sacto), Silver Chopsticks (in Sacto) - if they have them, Pampered Chef, PartyLite, Tupperware, Michael's, Hollywood Video, Movie Theater (Bangobucks on line), Cold-Stone Ice cream, Boppin' Bo's (in Vancouver), Manicures, Deseret Books, Stampin' Up! (Get it from Ruth)
Captain Crunch Berries Cereal, Lipton's split pea soup(if you ever see it, I can't find it anywhere!), Kit Kat or Twix candy bars, POPCORN!!! (butter flavored or kettle corn), Altoid Tangerine Sours or Citrus Sours candy - not the other sour flavors, just those!

I love Nativies. I'm starting to collect them. So... cute, interesting, special, foreign, etc.
one idea - a really cute Snowman one

any book from Emily Watts (LDS author) - loved her at Time Out for Women, I think I'd love her books too!

Link Watch from Deseret Book #4918155, $19.95 and almost any Italian Charm links that remind you of me - like...

A nice CTR or temple one, or "I amd a Child of God", etc, Piano, Green, LOTR (do they have any of those?), Killer Whale, Stamp/Scrapbook, Ryan, Acadia's and Aurora's initials or birthstones (Rye- Garnet, Cadi Pearl or Alexandrite, Aurora - Ruby), My initial or birthstone (Ruby), "1003", A blue frog (Good luck finding that!)
Anderson Cooper's new book
Anne of Green Gables on DVD

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