Saturday, January 1, 2000

David's Wish List

updated November 12, 2006 Birthday March 6, 1977 married May 4, 2006

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Of course wish lists are not expectation lists and my wish lists do not include everything I might possibly like. If you look at my wish lists and get another idea, great!

Amazon Wish list - computer stuff
Amazon Wish list - design books
Amazon Wish list - fiction
Amazon ish List - music
Amazon Wish list - misc

A paper shredder to deal with junk mail.

A task lamp for my drafting table would be very nice. One of my
classmates has one that uses a fluorescent bulb and an incandescent
bulb which would be nice for energy efficiency and color balance.
Halogen labs are also nice. It must have a good swing arm to reach
over my work without getting into the way.

At studio I can have a mini-fridge - a great place to keep my lunch
(institute doesn't open until 9, but I often have classes starting at 7)

candy bars: Almond Joy, Mounds, Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Special Dark, Symphony Almond and Toffee Chip

cereal: Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, Honey Nut Cheerios, Honey Bunches of Oats

apple: Fuji, Granny Smith, must be crisp!

color: purple, blue, green

music: the Aquabats, swing, ska

shirts/tops: Neck 17.5-18 sleeve 37 chest 46.5 XLT
I love oxford cloth shirts. I especially like the look of long sleeves
(but a new short sleeve white shirt would be useful too).
if the shirt is long sleeve and doesn't have sleeve size, be sure it is a "tall" size

pants: Waist 43.5 inseam 32
i prefer relaxed fit, tapered leg pants

shoe: US 14 UK 13 EUR 50

bike shoes w/ clipless petals
dance shoes (Bleyers from or suede soles)
Doc Martens
swing clothes
cool ties/suspenders (3 point button)
anything that will make me look good (I can wish can’t I?)

drafting table
iPod speakers
desk (please provide storage space until I have a place to put it)

I have my Powerbook G4, it's a little on the old side, but I just got
a new battery for it! Right now what I think I'd like most is a
computer at home to replace Teresa's PC tower. I think a Mac Mini
(Intel CoreDuo) would be best - we could run Windows with Boot Camp or
Parallels. Of course I wouldn't complain about a Mac Book Pro or Mac Pro.
Teresa's computer has a 15" CRT monitor. Her current video card
wouldn't be able to take advantage of anything larger (but a new
computer would). I'd be nice to have a flat panel monitor to save
space, but if we did get a new computer we could use her monitor with
it if we didn't have anything else.
23" flat panel monitor for my Powerbook (it can't drive a 30" screen).
USB Speakers for my Powerbook
Printer (preferably laser)
or All-in-one (Scanner/Printer combo)

I can always use socks - athletic and dress. I like crew length heel and toe socks not tube socks.
leather work gloves (extra large, maybe extra extra)

garments - cotton polyester (not mesh) usually I prefer crew necks

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