Friday, October 29, 2010

Too Many

When I was a girl, my mother sent me in to make her bed telling me to report to her how many times I went back and forth around the bed to get it right. I was clueless.  I thought she was testing how WELL I made the bed.  Oh! I was so careful!  Smoothing each piece to perfection then going around to the other side to do the same.  I don’t remember how many trips around the bed I made.  It sure looked good when I was done.  I confidently reported back.  She made no comment about how good the bed looked, but she scolded me for inefficiently going back and forth so many times instead of smoothing the sheet and several blankets on one side before going to do the other. 

Sometimes not much changes in life. 

We have to submit a contribution report to our supervisor each month reporting how many of each form we process, phone calls we field, etc.  In today’s staff meeting, we were scolded for sending and receiving too many emails – answering questions about the status of something or how to submit a claim, etc.  Without being asked what kind of emails we were sending and receiving we were told we must not be answering questions effectively to have so many emails. 

It would help if we knew what they were looking for.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Workplace Woes

By mid Monday morning it had already been a long week and it hasn't gotten a whole lot better.  Additionally, we are having to adjust our mindset to a full 5 day work week after having Furlough Fridays for so long.  Once we had gotten over the money shock, we became addicted to the time.  sigh.  We don't know how we come out financially on the new program.  Our retirement contribution will be increased and we will have one unpaid leave day a month, we are far from getting back a full paycheck, but it should be a little more than it was with 3 furloughs.

The good news/bad news is that with the budget finally passed, we can do our regular work.  Of course, we have a nearly 4 month back-log and people wanting the checks they have had to wait so long for NOW.  Being busy is good.  Being behind and badgered not so good.

New supe lacks people skills, supervisory skills, team skills, and leadership skills.  She does occasionally bring in bagels or muffins. And calls us 'dear' and 'friend.'  She has told at least 2 of my co-workers that she doesn't like their attitude, which I do not think from my observations was justified.  People are disgruntled, anxious, and edgy.  I haven't had it too bad except not being given time to give platelets and being told I might be denied my family reunion vacation time this spring!!!  Battles to be fought later  - after I let things settle and consider my strategies.

Today I am required to attend a meeting that begins 15 minutes before my work time.  We, however, are not allowed to adjust our schedule coming in early/late to meet personal needs. 

When I went out to my bike - a little later than I wished, as usual -  I found the back tire nearly flat. I fumbled with pumping it up - wondering if it would completely flat out mid-commute - gave up and made a dash for the Light Rail.  We pay parking now.  It took me a few minutes to figure out how. The good news is I had found my mis-placed novel "We'll Always Have Parrots" by Donna Andrews - good author - humor mystery - and I actually got a seat on the train.  So, it was a pleasant ride in.

Now, time for that meeting.

I hope your woes are no worse than mine and that you have a good day!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family Home Haunting

Last night for Family Home Evening we came together with paper, pens, scissors and scriptures.  The assignment? Make a ghost and write a scripture on it about ghost or spirit.   We ended up with several ghosts, including Casper The Friendly Ghost, a skeleton, a very small tree and a lot of giggling.  Several ghosts were hung from the blades of the ceiling fan.  We learned that even on low, the fan was a bit too fast for them.

 I am not sure how spiritual it was, but we had fun.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tuesday or Busy Day Special or Supper

I am having leftover Busy Day Special (formerly Tuesday Night Special) (or is it Supper?) for lunch which Teresa made for dinner last night.

It started out as Tuesday Night Special.  Long ago, the kids and I went around the neighborhood every Tuesday afternoon collecting old newspapers and cans that the neighbors saved for us.  We would try to get to the recycling center before it closed that evening.  We were earning money for our Marine World /Africa USA memberships.  Back when there was a Marine World / Africa USA and they had memberships.  Back before the city started recycling. 

Before we left, I would brown up some ground beef, add uncooked rice, water, tomatoes and either green beans or corn, some taco seasoning and leave it on low.  When we got back, I would add cheese on top and dinner was ready.

The kids and I worked hard, earned our annual memberships and went to Marine World often. Good times!

I miss Marine World / Africa USA.  To me it was a hint of paradise on earth.  I loved seeing the animals and how the trainers interacted with them.  I felt safe and peaceful there.  Although I have been accused of being over protective and was somewhat protective there, at Marine World, especially during the off-season, I felt comfortable letting the children sometimes go their own way with regular check in times and places.  I think we learned a bit about relationships as we learned how the trainers taught the animals. It was a wonderful place.

It broke my heart a little when Marine World / Africa USA became Six Flags Marine World.  While not my thing, amusement parks are alright in their place, but I don't think it is good for amusement rides to be in such close proximity to the animals.   I imagine that the animals are under a lot of stress now.  It just makes me sad.  I am also sad that my younger children didn't get to grow up with Marine World as a regular part of our life.

Nothing has replaced Marine World in our lives. If only we lived closer to Sea World that would help. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The spirit of the times

I have ghosts all around in my cubicle, each with a scripture about the Holy Ghost or the Spirit.

They are having a door decorating contest.
This entrance to my office

Sideways view of the side view

Sideways view of the other side.  I emailed these from my cell phone and I don't know how to turn them.  I also do not know why they are different sizes.

This is the door of my office going out

I hope you are in good spirits! 

Benjamin's Eagle Project - The Effie Yeaw Nature Center Amphitheater - Ta da!

In which I show you many several pictures of the finished product. I am so proud of the job Benjamin did and grateful for the support he received.

Approaching on the little trail from the front of the Nature Center.  (A more accessible trail can be accessed going around the building the other way.)  To your left a deer (not people) fence crossing.

The (more accessible) trail comes around from the back of the Nature Center continues behind the deck and on to hiking trails.

Nice touches - raised railing for easy clean-off and the rocks lining the back of the deck.

A little bit of clean up.

The deck is flush with the ground at one end.

The access trail behind the Nature Center.

A lovely end to a lovely and productive day.

Feeling good about a job well done.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Eagle Project, completion

Fearless leader checking out the leveling job.  Any wheelchair that can get to the amphitheater should be able to get on the deck.

Not having a broom Benjamin and Ethan tried removing the dust and debris from the beautiful deck with paper towels and paint brushes.

Have you noticed that Bishop - the good guy in the not quite white hat - wears a white shirt for service projects?  It's his service shirt with paint stains - badges of honor.

Doesn't it look nice with the river rocks along the bottom?  Also note that the safety rail is above the deck a little bit, so leaves and things don't get stuck on it.

Ron B founded the edge of the railing nicely.

Can you see how flush to the ground the deck is on the uphill side?  It isaccessible for wheelchairs.

After a long and productive day, many of Benjamin's workers head home.