Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Workplace Woes

By mid Monday morning it had already been a long week and it hasn't gotten a whole lot better.  Additionally, we are having to adjust our mindset to a full 5 day work week after having Furlough Fridays for so long.  Once we had gotten over the money shock, we became addicted to the time.  sigh.  We don't know how we come out financially on the new program.  Our retirement contribution will be increased and we will have one unpaid leave day a month, we are far from getting back a full paycheck, but it should be a little more than it was with 3 furloughs.

The good news/bad news is that with the budget finally passed, we can do our regular work.  Of course, we have a nearly 4 month back-log and people wanting the checks they have had to wait so long for NOW.  Being busy is good.  Being behind and badgered not so good.

New supe lacks people skills, supervisory skills, team skills, and leadership skills.  She does occasionally bring in bagels or muffins. And calls us 'dear' and 'friend.'  She has told at least 2 of my co-workers that she doesn't like their attitude, which I do not think from my observations was justified.  People are disgruntled, anxious, and edgy.  I haven't had it too bad except not being given time to give platelets and being told I might be denied my family reunion vacation time this spring!!!  Battles to be fought later  - after I let things settle and consider my strategies.

Today I am required to attend a meeting that begins 15 minutes before my work time.  We, however, are not allowed to adjust our schedule coming in early/late to meet personal needs. 

When I went out to my bike - a little later than I wished, as usual -  I found the back tire nearly flat. I fumbled with pumping it up - wondering if it would completely flat out mid-commute - gave up and made a dash for the Light Rail.  We pay parking now.  It took me a few minutes to figure out how. The good news is I had found my mis-placed novel "We'll Always Have Parrots" by Donna Andrews - good author - humor mystery - and I actually got a seat on the train.  So, it was a pleasant ride in.

Now, time for that meeting.

I hope your woes are no worse than mine and that you have a good day!


  1. That's too bad that things aren't going well for you at work.

    If your new supervisor is that bad, has anyone tried talking to her supervisor?

  2. So far the only one who has talked to the manager is the one in our unit who is has the worst reputation. Another gal with the second most substantial reasons to complain refuses to do so saying that management won't care. She may look at another position or even retire. I may look for an opportunity to speak to the manager, but it is mostly attitude and feeling, hard to pinpoint and quantify.