Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eagle Project, part 3 (part 1 of part 3)

Last Saturday, what people think of the actual work on the project began.

Benjamin, David and I went to the center early to set up, only to find the amphitheater already occupied! We were more delighted to see him than he to see us.
He went around to the front of the building, but refused to pose.

Precautions were taken to keep people from wandering into the work area.

Benjamin wanted to see how deep the fire pit was, so we did a little digging.

 There are two answers to our question: 1) We never found out.  2) Deep

A small army of valiant workers arrived and was put to work.

Ron W's jackhammer was awesome!

They broke down cement a foot or two.  Some of the cement was carted out.  Rebar was removed.  Some of the cement and later fill from the post hole digging was put in the hole to level the ground. 

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