Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The spirit of the times

I have ghosts all around in my cubicle, each with a scripture about the Holy Ghost or the Spirit.

They are having a door decorating contest.
This entrance to my office

Sideways view of the side view

Sideways view of the other side.  I emailed these from my cell phone and I don't know how to turn them.  I also do not know why they are different sizes.

This is the door of my office going out

I hope you are in good spirits! 


  1. Cute idea about adding scriptures to the ghosts, now we might do that for FHE next week! :)

    Who decorated the door/entry? It looks great!

  2. The entry was decorated by an enthusiastic committee - part of the (in)famous PPC - Party Planning Committee whose favorite phrase is "It's top secret"

    I hope Andrew likes the ghost scriptures. I sent him some in his Halloween box.