Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eagle Project, part 5A

Thursday night Benjamin and a small crew were back at the project.  The frame was formed. Posts were set.  Holes were dug and piers set.  Shallow trenches were dug.

Today, Saturday was the final push.  Benjamin and I were on site by 9am. David and Teresa arrived shortly after.  Joseph rode his bike to what we were relieved to learn was not Esther's last soccer game. In the afternoon Teresa went to the Relief Society Super Saturday, returning still later with Joseph.  Miriam and Debi came in the early afternoon with cupcakes! 

  Here is the amphitheater as it appeared Saturday morning.

We met volunteer Liz and kestrel Rocky, a lovely pair.

Soon I was sent on errands.  Getting a replacement bench bolt.  Buying more paint and deck screws.

A good team of workers from Cub Scouts on through former Scouts arrived and were put to work.  The more mature experienced workers on the deck, the younger workers sanded and painted railing parts and repainted benches.

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