Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Saturday was a little rocky

David and Teresa began their Saturday by helping clean the church building. Then they joined Andrew, Joseph, and I rock hunting. We went to SGL Materials and hand picked about 50 rocks to decorate and “hide” for Sacramento Rocks. We chatted a bit about rocks for my yard and I ordered some to be delivered this coming Saturday. Just for fun, I took them across the road to see the wall and paver rocks there. My interest is wall for raised garden beds.  In the bargain center we found a pallet of some free standing wall rock that we all like. (project clean up) Discussion began. John named his price and I agreed. Cash only. And they charge too much to deliver. So we went home to fetch trailer and cash. Teresa stayed at the house to fix lunch while the guys and I made 3 trips to get our stone. We didn't think our trailer could carry more weight safely. David, Andrew and Joseph were amazing stone movers! Teresa is an amazing lunch organizer!

So now I have about 90 Highland stone stacked along the driveway. We will use them to make raised garden boxes – size, shape, and exact site to be determined. They won't be enough, however. I want the walls to be 3 stone high. (sitting height) But we can start. I seem unable to draw my plan out, so I may just drag stones around and then draw what I end up with so we can move the stones back out and prepare the base.  I think I will try checking back with the stone yard for more project clean up Highland Stone.

Saturday we get 5 yards of rock dumped on the driveway (I hope we can still get in and out of the house) – cobble to outline and gravel for the base of the main walkway. We plan to make the walkway from pallet wood, gravel, and cobble. I have a source for pallet wood, unfortunately only available when I am at work. Some kinks to be worked out yet. But we can dig out the pathway, line it with landscape fabric, and lay down some gravel. Hopefully before the rains (hopefully) come. 

The yard project is less organized, a little more involved, and not as far along at the end of summer as I had hoped, but it is progressing. 

Little did David and Teresa or Joseph and Andrew suspect when they agreed to go rock hunting with me that they would spend most of the day shifting rock.  

My kids rock!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Jesus, Savor, Walk With Me

As I heard the song, "Jesus, Savior, Walk with Me", I thought, "That's wrong. Jesus isn't supposed to walk with us, we are supposed to walk with Him." 

Then I realized where I was wrong. 

Jesus has already walked the path and gained eternal salvation and happiness.  We are somewhere far away struggling, perhaps heading in the wrong direction.  Wherever we are, no matter how far, if we will call, Jesus will come.  Away from His place of rest and comfort into the wilderness and storms.  When He reaches us, He will hold out His hand in invitation.  He will not grab us and pull us, He will give us His hand to take.  When we are holding His hand, He will hold on tightly enough to help us when we stumble, but gently and loosely enough that if we pull away, we are free to go. If we do take our hand from His,  He will invite.  He will look at us with love and sorrow.  He will speak, often so softly we have to really want to hear. But He will not restrain us. If we decide the path He is leading on is too hard and turn to follow another, He will not follow.  He will call.  He will wait. But He will not walk with us down the wrong path. When we realize our foolishness and yearn to be with Him again, we may try to retrace our steps but find the way too hard.  What looked like a gentle easy path becomes difficult and impassable on the way back.  If we will call Him, He will come. Again. And again.  Every time.  Somehow with Him, we can climb back up.  Slowly, painfully.  He will coach, He will guide, He will give us a boost, but He will not transport us.  We must make each step.  We must want to make it.  We must trust His love, wisdom and guidance.  And He will walk with us.  He will help carry our burden.  He will put His arms around us. He whisper words of encouragement. And with His help we will climb the highest mountains and gain the grandest views.  Jesus, Savior, Walk With Me!

I have to go to work Monday

As we were out running errands, my phone rang. Andrew took the call. A man announced he was from Publishers Clearing House and we had won a prize. There was some difficulty understanding each other, but eventually we ascertained that he wanted us to meet him at Walmart. I said , "No, thank you" He mumbled something that sounded slightly rude and the call (from Jamaica, btw) was ended. Sigh. Threw away our big chance at financial independence.