Sunday, November 28, 2004

November 28, 2004

From the corner of the outbuilding by the baseball fields, we can see that digging has begun in the font area.

Standing on the ¢ (center line), the temple site looks like this today.

Moving up


Holding my camera over the fence

As close as I could get to the digging in the font area (that's in the south east corner if I am not turned around)

This is looking at where the old exit road headed down the hill.

Looking through the fence from the south west corner

From the stage door at Mormon Center, looking straight out at the temple site

Same spot, looking towards the back of the site

This is the Mormon Center entrance closest to the temple

This is what the temple site looks like from that door

Looking at the site from back by the garden above the Mormon Center patio, David guessed what the markers mean. He thinks the yellow and blue flags are showing where sides of the building will be and the horizontal bar might mark the level of the first floor.

We walked out to the old unused baseball field (near the entrance road) past the "cement pond" (quite set now)

to where there are piles of fill dirt and the brush cleaned up from the temple site.

We looked at the temple site from atop the fill dirt.

What are these long pieces of wood? Are they cut from the big tree felled on the temple site? The one super said someone wants to carve a chain from? Why didn't I ask him where they are going to put the chain?!

Oh, deer, time to go home and fix dinner.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

November 21, 2004 - a sunny Sunday afternoon at Mormon Center/Temple Hill

My oldest granddaughter, Acadia (age 5), walking along the parking bumpers. (her parents kissing in the background, but you cannot see that because I cut off their heads.
Do I keep my "G" rating?)

The temple site from the famous center line mark in the parking lot: Sorry it is a bit blurry.

Closer on the center line.

Zoomed in through the fence pretty close to center.

Through the fence towards the big oak.

The fence has been extended further into the parking lot.

From the west side, standing at the junction of the drive and walk ways by Mormon Center.

From Mormon Center stage entrance.

It appears that the construction workers are in the holiday mood.

I walked along the fence by Mormon Center back through the garden, to about even with the volleyball court. The caretaker's back driveway is torn up back to here.

I held my camera up over the fence to shoot the temple site from "the back" sort of. Near what? the north west corner of the site.

This is the corner where the rock wall was and the about where the baptismal font will be.

A few of the machines on their day of rest.

A shot from the building by the baseball fields.

Roser family circle headed back to the car.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

November 14, 2004 - first Sunday visit

I always get a kick and a bit of a chill from this sign as we go up the Mormon Center road (California Circle). I was tickled to see it still there. (Happily, I have never personally seen any rattlesnakes.)

How do the rattlesnakes know to cross there and not somewhere else along the road?

Looking towards the temple from the crest of the hill.

A closer look at the new parking lot entrance.

Remember the centerline mark the super showed us on our first visit there? This is the view from there now.

Along the center line, moving in a little closer.

From the center as close as I can get, with my camera shooting through the chainlink fence.

Through the fence towards the where Esther sat on the rock wall (about where the baptismal font will be)

Also, through the fence towards the wonderful big tree where I used to park when we first started coming up.

Towards that tree from the Mormon Center side of the fence. I think that these trees will both stay, I know the big one does.

Temporary walkway to Mormon Center from big parking lot.

Looking towards the temple from the Mormon Center stage door.

From the entrance of the walkway on the way back to the parking lot.

When we first started going up, Joseph picked some spots from which to shoot every week. He even talked to the super before picking them. What happened to his shooting spots?

The first one was by the basketball hoops. The hoops are gone,

but you can still shoot from there.

The second was from the corner of the bathroom/storage building by the baseball fields, which will remain.

This is what I got from there.

The third was the entrance at the top of the hill

I showed you the view from there earlier.

Still a bit of a mystery what they are doing with the climbing toys. Some are up

and some are down, but just left lying there, looking rather sad.

I saw no turkeys today, too many people around, but I did see evidence of wildlife visiting recently, quite close to the Mormon Center.