Friday, November 5, 2004

November 5, 2004 - snuck in, sort of

The Authorized Personnel Only sign was still up. As we considered whether to go through the open gate or not, the fellow in the machine appeared to signal to me to go up the down side. So, we did.

The entire parking area was fenced with Keep Out signs here and there.

In fact, there seemed to be fencing almost everywhere.

We asked the super if it was ok if we were up there and he said this is the last week. I asked for clarification on that. Probably next week, we will be able to drive up the up side, the new up and down side, that is. However, we will have to stop at the gate pretty much at the crest of the hill. I am thinking we MIGHT be able to walk up along the grassy side to the baseball out building. Maybe not, because their big trucks cross between the entrance and the grass carrying loads of brush to dump.

Another thought is, the Mormon Center is a meeting house. We can probably go up on Sundays.

The brush the trucks are moving is coming from the temple site itself. Work is really happening there. These were shot from the grassy corner across the road from the temple site (towards the construction trailer is now and the temple president's home will be.

Meanwhile, at the other, the entrance end, the entrance is taking shape.

It looks like nothing has happened with the toys since my last report on them. From the distance, I could see some still standing and some lying there, poor things.

Gravel waiting and ( a personal favorite) a cement pool.

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