Friday, October 4, 2013

getting ready

    I believe that just in Old Testament times, we have a living prophet on the earth today who speaks to us in God's name.  Actually, I believe that 15 men are commissioned by God as prophets, seers, and revelators. Isn't that an incredible and exciting thought?!  Well, not incredible, because I do believe and have personal testimony that it is true. 
     We receive their counsel frequently through many media, but twice a year we can see and hear them speak to us in real time at General Conference.  Salt Lake City will be full to bursting with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who have traveled to be there in person. Millions of people around the world will gather in meeting houses or in front of their televisions or computers, probably radios, too.  In some places around the world, people will get together at awkward  times for them to hear it live.  Others will have to wait for the recordings. Quickly the talks will be available to everyone on-line to access any time from then on.  Last night I listened to Joseph Fielding Smith speaking in 1971.  In November our magazine The Ensign will arrive a few days later than usual containing all the talks.  But this weekend we will sit at their feet (electronically) and listen to them speak.
     I admit that not often do they tell us something new or different.  Over and over again they teach us the same basic truths and principles.  We have not mastered them yet.  But they counsel, warn, call to repentance, offer comfort, and inspire us. 
     I can remember a time when conference seemed oh so long to me.  But now even though I admit I sometimes get drowsy and even might drift off briefly, now it is a delight and as each of our leaders comes to the stand I find myself thinking "Oh I like him (or her)!  (S)He is one of my favorites!"
     Our family has food traditions to go with conference.  Breakfast croissants (started to help get people willing to be up and out on time,although late arrivals know they will get a croissant too), lunch with the full-time missionaries, and an ice cream party after the afternoon session.  Which means today instead of going to the office (or preparing for my trip) I will be busy buying and preparing food. (And trying to figure out how to fit it and us in our little car)
   But first I get to drive my son to work because it is excessively windy which is unpeasant and unsafe for bicyclists and I can.