Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend

Wednesday morning Sariah, Ryan & I went to the temple.  Then they picked up their girls from Grundy’s, had lunch with Dad, spent a couple of hours at Hinds, then had dinner with David and Teresa.
     I went to WINCO in Folsom and bought a bunch of stuff, but not turkey.  Their frozen turkeys were the same prices as Raley’s  fresh turkeys.  As I drove towards Costco Folsom I realized that it was not as close to WINCO and/or the temple as I thought and Sunrise Costco was more on the way home.  But since I was on the way, I decided on a little fact finding mission.  Their gas lines were long, not as long as South Sacto Costco, but I remembered that there are practically no lines at Sunrise.  So I checked the price for comparison and headedoff to Sunrise Costco.  Well, maybe their lines are shorter, but the traffic down Sunrise is worse, I thought to myself.  Then I got to Costco Sunrise and sure enough there were no gas lines  BECAUSE THERE WAS NO GAS.  The station was closed.  I since asked Miriam if they have stopped selling there, but not that she knows of.  I proceeded to Raleys where I bought a bunch more stuff including two 15+ pound turkeys.  I cooked one up and made gravy,  and put it in a slow cooker in the fridge.
   Thursday we roasted the other turkey and mashed almost 20 potatoes.  We did the cooking at home because (not necessarily in order of importance - 1) originally Debi was going to go on The Run To Feed The Hungry.  She ended up not because she was slightyly stressed with preparations and because her friends backed out.  But I am pretty sure that she donated the race money anyway.  2)  freed up Debi’s oven 3) I didn’t want to leave the animals alone and locked all that long 4) the guys would not have been ready to soon enough to put the turkey in Debi’s oven and I didn’t want to shuttle especially since I didn’t get gas 5) there’s always stuff to do around the house.
     When we did go to Debi’s we took four slow cookers full of food. 2 had mashed potatos, 1 had turkey and gravy & the the 4th had more (but not as good) gravy.  Plus the whole turkey which was sitting on a foil-covered baking sheet with a bed of spinach and sliced apples, then wrapped in foil for transport.  After dinner, the whole turkeyremained untouched, there was still a good bit of turkey in the slow cooker and we had only eaten part of one slow cooker of mashed potatoes.   Dinner also included Susan Grundy’s stuffing, a green bean dish with onions and bacon, corn, rolls, cranberry butter, & fresh veggie plate.  Then there was apple pie and pumpkin pie with ice cream and whipped topping.  There was enough food left over for Forced Family Fun Friday.
      The bad thing is that the day after Thanksgiving I wake up wanting to go sneak turkey and there was not one bit of turkey in the house.  Friday I brought home a little.  I had turkey sandwich for breakfast two or three days in a row and for lunch a ouple of times. I am seriously thinking about getting another turkey EXCEPT my expenses areover budget and I don’t know when I would cook it.
     I made soup Monday after Thanksgiving.

     We had a great soccer game Forced Family Fun Friday morning.  Home Tom, Ruth, Andrew, Debi , Jared & I vs Rosers, Joseph, and Esther.  Debi played most of the game with Naomi on her shoulders.  We scored two points, they scored two points and we switched sides of the field.  They scored – oh I lost track of the order.  We had said we were playing until one team had 5 points.  From time to time we joked about stopping at a total of 5 points.  It was close.  We were tied 4 to 4, but finally our team made the winning goal!   I played half decent in defensive back position.  Debi did quite well as defensive back and that with a “baby” on her shoulders!  Jared moved around between positions and did pretty well.  Ruth was a  very good forward. Tom and Andrew switched back and forth between forward and goalie.  They were great, I think especially Andrew.
     Miriam joined us at the end of the soccer game.  A little play time in the park for the kids, a change of clothes for some, then we all, including Chloe and Betty, went out hunting for geocaches. Jospeh, Andrew, Aurora & I had done one Wednesday, so we kept quiet when the group looked for that one.  Aurora probably wouldn’t have, but she had been busy trying to scrape moss of rocks when Joseph found it Wednesday, so she didn’t exactly know where it was.  We found 2 out of 3 caches that we looked for.
     Then Thanksgiving dinner re-run and a game of  Cranium.  Joseph fell asleep during the game and I was not only tired, but feeling badly about Anna being alone so long again and the Twins locked up in the Den of Happiness.  Besides, signs of Forced Family Fun Friday Fighting From Fatique had begun to crop up and for me the fun factor was going down rapidly.  Andrew stayed later and a sibling kindly brought him home
       The kitties had a couple of hours out and then were  locked up again.  I don’t know when I will feel safe about leaving them out with Mrs Cotton, but I sure hate keeping them locked up.
      Saturday  Rosers headed back home  The guys and I spend time with David and Teresa.  DT enjoyed the Proctor Place Special, one of Andrew's mission staples - Ramon noodles in tomato soup, cheese sandwiches and veggies along with crackers and spreads they brought.  I didn’t have any Proctor Place Special.  Not a ramon fan.  Just toasted cheese and veggies.  It was a beautiful day so we decided to go geocaching over in the Folsom area.  Stopped by Costco off Sunrise on the way and yay!  I was able to get gas.  (Same price as Costco Folsom on Wednesday which I didn’t get).  We found 2 out of 3 caches and got to take some beautiful walks.  Anna, came too, which was really nice.  Back home we finished fixing up dinner – spinach, salad,pears to add to the pork roast and rice which had cooked well we were out.   Brighton Ward missionaries came to dinner.  They were fun.  After that we watched “Wait Until Dark” - suspense horror movie – bad guys looking for a doll with heroin hidden in it terrorize a blind woman. The general reaction was that once was quite enough.  (Although this was my second time, I saw it at BYU, but I had forgotten most of it except that I actually screamed at one point.  Nearly did this time, too, more of a gasp, maybe a little scream.) We not horror movie people, for sure not blood and gore, and also not so much suspense.
       Sunday I taught my new Sunday School class.  The kids did not walk out on me, in fact, they participated.   After church, I put out a couple of Christmas flags and a yard card, but with the storms predicited, I took them down Tuesday. We put up the Christmas tree in the front room with just lights.  Might leave it that way.  
       I had 5 days off.  Can you believe it still wasn't enough? 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Today is Have a Bad Day Day

This morning one of my Facebook friends commented that it is too early to have a bad day.  Well, I am not too sure.

While I was out Friday, my cube was re-configured. (I was told about it Thursday & packed up my stuff.  sort of.  My work station is now facing the back corner with the support column right at my right elbow. instead of facing my entry as it did before. Popular theory is that is so supers can see what's on your computer before you know they are there. Conspiracy theory! No power outlets yet on the work side. My pre-work "me" time taken up looking for my chair, and having a co-worker try to set up my computer- on an extension cord.

 I am 'manning' the front desk at the moment. (Thanks Ruth Young, for the use of your computer.

I won't say that it's a really bad day - I woke up in a comfy bed in my own house in a peaceful neighborhood, all residents accounted for and reasonably well, I have to go to work, but I have a job to pay my bills, pleasant competant co-workers, and many, many other blessings

but it's not starting out extremely well.  now I am late to work