Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Royal Succession?

Now that Princess Atilla the Mouse Hun of Kitty Hen Spoiled Cat Face has moved to the Rainbow Bridge, I am faced with a question.  

My first thought was that I would wait a while before looking for another cat.  (Of course, one never knows when a cat might happen.)  I am a negligent pet parent and although we have almost always done well with adding animals to our household, Atilla sure didn’t like it when Velox came and the best it ever was with the two of them was Cold War which was much better than outright battles.  I like having cats, but I admit that I don’t mind being relieved of cat duty right now and transferring responsibility to the remaining cat owner. 

Joseph suggested that it might be best if we get another cat right away.  His thought is to not let it become entrenched in her mind, as it had Atilla’s, that ours was and should remain a one cat house. (And maybe he wants me to continue my cat duties)

So, will I want another cat before Joseph and Atilla move out?  (No plans for that any time soon)

Or will Joseph want a 2nd cat as a companion for Atilla when he does move out and is gone all day?

Or is it likely that Joseph would someday have a roommate who has a cat?

If any of those things are likely, we would probably do better to get another cat soon. 

By soon, I mean after I get back from taking Benjamin to the MTC, I think.  Unless a cat happens.  A bit long for cat psychology, perhaps, but life is pretty full right now.  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Princess Atilla the Mouse Hun of Kitty Hen Spoiled Cat Face

"Mom, we took the kitten home."
"What kitten?"
Just then a Siamese kitten walked in the door.

We stopped "taking her home".  One day when the kitten had been in the house without leaving for 3 days, the neighbor told my then-husband that they had an outside cat named Princess.

When she came of age, we took her to the vet to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

One day, when another of our cats was outside, the little girl next door said, "I want my kitty."  I said, "The kitty can go where it wants to go."  The mother smiled and said, "She still thinks it's our cat." 

They moved, the cat stayed.

I am not quite sure where all her names came from.  They just kept adding on.  We finally said, "That's it! No more names!"  We never called her Princess.  I usually called her Atilla or Tilla.  Others called her Kitty Hen.  I also referred to her as the cat we rightfully stole from our neighbors.

I am not sure how long she was with us.  Ruth was still home when Atilla came and Ruth has been married 13 years.

Recently, Atilla stopped eating even if we took her to the food or the food to her. She started withdrawing and appeared to be shutting down. We felt it was time and just watched and waited.

I am sure she wanted to go the Rainbow Bridge, but she was having a hard time.  When she started going to water, but seemed unable to drink, it was too much.  I could let her fade, but I didn't want to let her suffer.

Benjamin and I took her to the vet this morning.  It was not all I had hoped.  Not quite as smooth and peaceful.  There were barking dogs.  The vet insisted on taking her temperature which she did not like!  Very low. 

Communication with the vet is somewhat difficult.  He says, "Whatever you want to do."  I want to know my options.  It doesn't help that he is a different ethnicity.  I think he doesn't speak owner very well.

If I understood the vet, it would not only cost more (but I would have coughed up the $30), but was more involved (?!) if I was present than if I was not.  I kept telling him that I wanted what would be the most peaceful and easiest for HER.  It sounded like it was better for me not to be there although I cannot fathom why. Perhaps it is easier for THEM.  I just wanted to free her.  So, I let them take her.

I wish that I had thought ahead and called the vet who comes to the house.  It was a good thing for Cindy.  It cost around $200 (what 7 or so years ago).  I would suggest that pet owners set aside money for the final gift of a peaceful death at home and periodically make sure that the contact and cost information are current.  I need to do that for Anna now.

Whether it was the best way or not, at least she is at peace now.  I do believe in the Rainbow Bridge or something like it. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A date with destiny

Benjamin, that is Elder Benjamin Robarts, enters the MTC at 1:25pm Wednesday, August 8, 2012.

Is he ready?  Spiritually - YES!  Emotionally -yes, I think so.  Physically? himself, yes; supplies, no.  We have a lot to do/get still.

I am really concerned about what luggage to get.  And we had better get it soon.

Get ready to write to him.  : ) 
Here's the information I have now.  We will update you later.

Elder Benjamin Michael Robarts
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E
Provo, Utah 84604

Just before he enters, we should be able to give you his PO Box there. But this will work.

I think he will leave for Korea sometime in October.  Probably early October? I will let you know when I know.
In Korea, the fail safe address will be the mission office:

Elder Benjamin Michael Robarts
Korea Daejeon Mission
Daejeon PO Box 38
Chungcheong-bukdo 300-600
South Korea

Postage is expensive, I recommend post cards once he gets to Korea.

First-Class Mail® International Postcard  $1.05 
Maximum size 6" length x 4-1/4" height 

Down in the Mouth

Yesterday morning I went to the dentist for a check and clean.  I am such a dental-phobe that it takes great effort of will to sit through a simple cleaning without crying.  I kid you not.  But I go in twice a year like I should. And I do appreciate modern dentistry!  Oh, I could not have lived!

Then we get to discuss the condition of my teeth.  and the crying begins.  No cavities.  That's good, but what difference does it make?  I have periodontal disease and the bones in my mouth are just going away.  Where do they go??  One by one my teeth just cut loose and eventually get pulled.  Currently, I have FOUR unsaveable teeth that the dentist wants to pull before I get infection in the bone which is quite painful. 

I am already missing several and have inconvenient and unsightly gaps.  Only one partial disguising the worst gap in the front.  Which will have to go as an anchor tooth is one that is on the way out. The worst, I think.

The sweet hygienist (who is from Korea - interesting side note in light of Benjamin's mission call) assured me that periodontal disease is not a character flaw.  Or tried to assure me.  I still feel like scum of the world.  She and most of her family have periodontal disease despite many of them being in the dental profession, regular brushing and flossing and having their teeth cleaned every 3 months instead of twice a year.  She is beautiful, gentle and kind.  Not scum.

(I do brush morning and night and floss nightly.  And rinse with mouthwash. Sometimes I brush, floss, brush.   A lot of good that seems to do me)

The good news is that they do this differently than what I have experienced before - pull the tooth, heal, take impressions, and finally get the falsie.  A couple of months without teeth. Instead,  Tabitha, the receptionist, says that they make the dentures and have them ready before they pull and you start wearing them immediately. In fact, they even act somewhat as a bandage.  I am not sure how they make sure they fit right.  One good thing about my partial is that it is a perfect fit and I hardly know it's there.

The bad news besides the discomfort and expense I can ill afford, is that the dentist doesn't want to do the pulling until my blood sugars are under control.  Of course, I am too busy for that business now, anyway.  Not until after Benjamin leaves.  I do not have time for this.

Bad news, folks, my blood sugars have been wild bad.  (more scum) Despite riding my bike to work over 6 1/2 miles each way 4 times a week and TRYING to do better on my eating.  I know, I eat too much. I like food.  I am always "hungry".  I emotion/stress eat.  I am not good at portion control.  I try, but not hard enough. I have been doing better, but not good. Obviously.

Have you seen how you are supposed to eat?!  I went to their little class where an overweight nurse told us how easy it is to eat properly and control our weight and blood sugars.  And showed us repulsive tiny plastic food portions as examples of what and how much to eat.  Lesson: If you like it, you should not eat it.  If you don't like it, you should only eat a little. Not enough to even feel like you ate.

I see my doctor today and expect that she will insist that I go on insulin.  Oh, good.  I get to shoot myself every day. 

Sometimes I feel like it.  Oh, not REALLY. I understand that is against the rules, messy and mean to do to whoever finds you, I don't have and am somewhat afraid of guns, and some of my children still need me. My dog would be very sad and I don't know what would happen to her.  Much of life is very good, beautiful and pleasant. And I am not too confident of where I end up in the great sorting out to come, so no hurry.  Especially if hurrying would add negative points.

But I do get mighty discouraged from time to time. It's time.

Of course, when I am depressed, I want to eat.  bad idea.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Anna? Anna! Where Are You?

Usually when I come home, especially when no one else is home, Anna scratches at the door to be let out - whether to welcome me home or just to get out for a minute, I am not exactly sure.  Today the door was quiet.  hmmmm

I opened the door and called her name.  Sheepishly she entered the front room.  And then I saw the package had come for Joseph.  Torn open.  Several wrappers strewn about her bed.  I owe my son some Cliff Protein bars. 

"Oh, Anna!"  Oh, Anna!" in withering disappointed tones. 

Apologetic body wagging.  "Do you still love me?"  

 "Oh, I still love you, but we are not speaking right now."

The nice part about it is that when she barked at a neighbor and I yelled at her as usual, she immediately quieted.  Normally, she basically ignores me. 

for the record

Stories in the news about homes lost in fire or flood.  My own experience trying without success to find documentation of my early life.  If my mother had kept birth and adoption certificates, journals, letters, family photos, they were lost in a house fire.  A friend who lost all her family records in a communication failure with a storage unit. These experiences tell me that I need to change my ways. 

We should keep records.  We should label photos. And we should make copies  - give them to relatives, keep them in a safe deposit box, store them in different places. give copies to children and other relatives.  

What a treasure it would be to someone who has lost their home to have a friend or relative be able to come forward with CD copies of some of the photographs and documents that had been destroyed!

I need to learn to digitize records.  Fill CDs with organized photos and records.  Give copies to my children.  

I have been terrible at record keeping and preservation.  So I urge me as well as you to begin to take better care of records and memories.