Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Royal Succession?

Now that Princess Atilla the Mouse Hun of Kitty Hen Spoiled Cat Face has moved to the Rainbow Bridge, I am faced with a question.  

My first thought was that I would wait a while before looking for another cat.  (Of course, one never knows when a cat might happen.)  I am a negligent pet parent and although we have almost always done well with adding animals to our household, Atilla sure didn’t like it when Velox came and the best it ever was with the two of them was Cold War which was much better than outright battles.  I like having cats, but I admit that I don’t mind being relieved of cat duty right now and transferring responsibility to the remaining cat owner. 

Joseph suggested that it might be best if we get another cat right away.  His thought is to not let it become entrenched in her mind, as it had Atilla’s, that ours was and should remain a one cat house. (And maybe he wants me to continue my cat duties)

So, will I want another cat before Joseph and Atilla move out?  (No plans for that any time soon)

Or will Joseph want a 2nd cat as a companion for Atilla when he does move out and is gone all day?

Or is it likely that Joseph would someday have a roommate who has a cat?

If any of those things are likely, we would probably do better to get another cat soon. 

By soon, I mean after I get back from taking Benjamin to the MTC, I think.  Unless a cat happens.  A bit long for cat psychology, perhaps, but life is pretty full right now.  

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