Friday, July 20, 2012

Princess Atilla the Mouse Hun of Kitty Hen Spoiled Cat Face

"Mom, we took the kitten home."
"What kitten?"
Just then a Siamese kitten walked in the door.

We stopped "taking her home".  One day when the kitten had been in the house without leaving for 3 days, the neighbor told my then-husband that they had an outside cat named Princess.

When she came of age, we took her to the vet to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

One day, when another of our cats was outside, the little girl next door said, "I want my kitty."  I said, "The kitty can go where it wants to go."  The mother smiled and said, "She still thinks it's our cat." 

They moved, the cat stayed.

I am not quite sure where all her names came from.  They just kept adding on.  We finally said, "That's it! No more names!"  We never called her Princess.  I usually called her Atilla or Tilla.  Others called her Kitty Hen.  I also referred to her as the cat we rightfully stole from our neighbors.

I am not sure how long she was with us.  Ruth was still home when Atilla came and Ruth has been married 13 years.

Recently, Atilla stopped eating even if we took her to the food or the food to her. She started withdrawing and appeared to be shutting down. We felt it was time and just watched and waited.

I am sure she wanted to go the Rainbow Bridge, but she was having a hard time.  When she started going to water, but seemed unable to drink, it was too much.  I could let her fade, but I didn't want to let her suffer.

Benjamin and I took her to the vet this morning.  It was not all I had hoped.  Not quite as smooth and peaceful.  There were barking dogs.  The vet insisted on taking her temperature which she did not like!  Very low. 

Communication with the vet is somewhat difficult.  He says, "Whatever you want to do."  I want to know my options.  It doesn't help that he is a different ethnicity.  I think he doesn't speak owner very well.

If I understood the vet, it would not only cost more (but I would have coughed up the $30), but was more involved (?!) if I was present than if I was not.  I kept telling him that I wanted what would be the most peaceful and easiest for HER.  It sounded like it was better for me not to be there although I cannot fathom why. Perhaps it is easier for THEM.  I just wanted to free her.  So, I let them take her.

I wish that I had thought ahead and called the vet who comes to the house.  It was a good thing for Cindy.  It cost around $200 (what 7 or so years ago).  I would suggest that pet owners set aside money for the final gift of a peaceful death at home and periodically make sure that the contact and cost information are current.  I need to do that for Anna now.

Whether it was the best way or not, at least she is at peace now.  I do believe in the Rainbow Bridge or something like it. 

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