Friday, July 6, 2012

Anna? Anna! Where Are You?

Usually when I come home, especially when no one else is home, Anna scratches at the door to be let out - whether to welcome me home or just to get out for a minute, I am not exactly sure.  Today the door was quiet.  hmmmm

I opened the door and called her name.  Sheepishly she entered the front room.  And then I saw the package had come for Joseph.  Torn open.  Several wrappers strewn about her bed.  I owe my son some Cliff Protein bars. 

"Oh, Anna!"  Oh, Anna!" in withering disappointed tones. 

Apologetic body wagging.  "Do you still love me?"  

 "Oh, I still love you, but we are not speaking right now."

The nice part about it is that when she barked at a neighbor and I yelled at her as usual, she immediately quieted.  Normally, she basically ignores me. 

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