Friday, July 6, 2012

for the record

Stories in the news about homes lost in fire or flood.  My own experience trying without success to find documentation of my early life.  If my mother had kept birth and adoption certificates, journals, letters, family photos, they were lost in a house fire.  A friend who lost all her family records in a communication failure with a storage unit. These experiences tell me that I need to change my ways. 

We should keep records.  We should label photos. And we should make copies  - give them to relatives, keep them in a safe deposit box, store them in different places. give copies to children and other relatives.  

What a treasure it would be to someone who has lost their home to have a friend or relative be able to come forward with CD copies of some of the photographs and documents that had been destroyed!

I need to learn to digitize records.  Fill CDs with organized photos and records.  Give copies to my children.  

I have been terrible at record keeping and preservation.  So I urge me as well as you to begin to take better care of records and memories. 

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