Thursday, January 29, 2015

Prepare Ye The Way of The Lord

    What does it mean to prepare the way of the Lord?  The way where?
    I think we must first prepare the way to our own heart. One of my sons mentioned briefly a discussion about preparing a road or pathway for nobility by removing stones and other obstacles and smoothing the path. What stones block the path to my heart? Fear? Of what? This is really silly. Fear of being exposed in my weaknesses? HE already knows and has promised to help strengthen me. Fear of punishment? Christ has taken the punishment upon Himself for me already. It is if I reject His gift and refuse to repent that I will suffer. Pride? Laziness? Selfishness? What is worth keeping as an obstacle to opening one's heart and life to Jesus Christ. Nothing.
    How can I prepare my way to the Lord? Learn of Him and His word. Read it. Pray about it. Live it, at least really try.
    There are moments when I do manage to clear a bit of the path.  In those moments there is joy.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Family Day - The Irony

    Today is Family Day.
    First irony.  Family Day commemorates the day that I was sealed in marriage for all eternity in the temple of the Lord.  However, a sealing is not automatically forever valid.  A sealing is a covenant making between a man, a woman, and the Lord.  The Lord always holds up His end but the other two sometimes have problems. That's life.  Problems can usually be worked out.   My marriage ended in divorce.
     I still believe in temple marriage. It is a beautiful, true, eternal principle Perhaps someday I will be blessed to find a truly eternal companion and meet the requirements of sealing.  It's possible.
     I still believe in family.  I love and am very grateful for the beautiful family of children, children-in-law, and grandchildren with which I am blessed. 
     Second irony, I let myself get too busy and too tired to invite my children together for family day.  I know it's just a day we chose and designated.  (Actually I designated, which makes it even worse).  I can, should, and will invite my family together soon.  But I feel disappointed in me. 
     On the other hand, my sweet daughter-in-law remembered, understood, and invited my household to dinner after church today. 
     Today is a good day to remember to be grateful for your family and to express love to them.  Every day is a good day for that.