Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tuesday or Busy Day Special or Supper

I am having leftover Busy Day Special (formerly Tuesday Night Special) (or is it Supper?) for lunch which Teresa made for dinner last night.

It started out as Tuesday Night Special.  Long ago, the kids and I went around the neighborhood every Tuesday afternoon collecting old newspapers and cans that the neighbors saved for us.  We would try to get to the recycling center before it closed that evening.  We were earning money for our Marine World /Africa USA memberships.  Back when there was a Marine World / Africa USA and they had memberships.  Back before the city started recycling. 

Before we left, I would brown up some ground beef, add uncooked rice, water, tomatoes and either green beans or corn, some taco seasoning and leave it on low.  When we got back, I would add cheese on top and dinner was ready.

The kids and I worked hard, earned our annual memberships and went to Marine World often. Good times!

I miss Marine World / Africa USA.  To me it was a hint of paradise on earth.  I loved seeing the animals and how the trainers interacted with them.  I felt safe and peaceful there.  Although I have been accused of being over protective and was somewhat protective there, at Marine World, especially during the off-season, I felt comfortable letting the children sometimes go their own way with regular check in times and places.  I think we learned a bit about relationships as we learned how the trainers taught the animals. It was a wonderful place.

It broke my heart a little when Marine World / Africa USA became Six Flags Marine World.  While not my thing, amusement parks are alright in their place, but I don't think it is good for amusement rides to be in such close proximity to the animals.   I imagine that the animals are under a lot of stress now.  It just makes me sad.  I am also sad that my younger children didn't get to grow up with Marine World as a regular part of our life.

Nothing has replaced Marine World in our lives. If only we lived closer to Sea World that would help. 

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