Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eagle Project, part 4A

 Wednesday night, the Young Men / Young Women's Activity was to help Benjamin work on his Eagle Project. The 11 Year Old Scouts and Cub Scouts also came to help.

First we (Benjamin, David R, Ron B, David A) went shopping at the Home Depot for supplies.  After weeks of trying connect with the manager, Benjamin was able to get a $50 discount on his purchases for the project which cost about $490 (so far?).  He is spending his dog sitting money.

Thankfully, California Cascade is donating the decking material!

The Effie Yeaw Nature Center Amphitheater at the beginning of Wednesday evening.

Before the youth arrived, Benjamin removed and replaced 4 old benches that were most badly damaged.

Benches were painted with at least two coats of paint.


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