Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Benjamin's Eagle Project - The Effie Yeaw Nature Center Amphitheater - Ta da!

In which I show you many several pictures of the finished product. I am so proud of the job Benjamin did and grateful for the support he received.

Approaching on the little trail from the front of the Nature Center.  (A more accessible trail can be accessed going around the building the other way.)  To your left a deer (not people) fence crossing.

The (more accessible) trail comes around from the back of the Nature Center continues behind the deck and on to hiking trails.

Nice touches - raised railing for easy clean-off and the rocks lining the back of the deck.

A little bit of clean up.

The deck is flush with the ground at one end.

The access trail behind the Nature Center.

A lovely end to a lovely and productive day.

Feeling good about a job well done.


  1. It looks fantastic! GREAT JOB, BEN!!! :)

  2. That turned out AMAZING!!!

    Something to be proud of - WITHOUT A DOUBT!!