Monday, October 18, 2010

Eagle Project, completion

Fearless leader checking out the leveling job.  Any wheelchair that can get to the amphitheater should be able to get on the deck.

Not having a broom Benjamin and Ethan tried removing the dust and debris from the beautiful deck with paper towels and paint brushes.

Have you noticed that Bishop - the good guy in the not quite white hat - wears a white shirt for service projects?  It's his service shirt with paint stains - badges of honor.

Doesn't it look nice with the river rocks along the bottom?  Also note that the safety rail is above the deck a little bit, so leaves and things don't get stuck on it.

Ron B founded the edge of the railing nicely.

Can you see how flush to the ground the deck is on the uphill side?  It isaccessible for wheelchairs.

After a long and productive day, many of Benjamin's workers head home.

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  1. Well done, Benjamin and crew! It looks wonderful. Hopefully many, many people will be able to enjoy the benefits of such a nice, new outdoor amphitheater.