Saturday, January 1, 2000

Andrew's Wish List

birthday May 22


Magic 8 Ball

set of wieghts

10/03/ 06

I like lots of wierd things, and few of the normal things. Most of the stuff that I really like is pretty cheap, so don't be afraid to NOT waste your money on gifts. ^^

Wooden things are nifty, especially pencils. Bundle up a few pencils in a nice ribbon, and that'll be good enough for me. A good pencil sharpener would also be apreciated. ^^

I've been considering getting a pair of roller blades for a few days now, and my shoes are wearing out, if that gives you any ideas. By the way, I run and climb a lot, so I need good grip on the front of my shoes, and my shoe size is nine. Also, my helmet used to belong to David. It's pretty old.

I like hexahedrons (or cubes) of any size, color or function. (Think of dice, or a Rubik's Cube.)

As far as Legos are concerned, they're getting pretty lame. They mutilated the Bionicle series, which I once thought showed promise, and the other new sets they make aren't much better. A few sets from the Star Wars series are still good, but I've got too many legos already. XD

Chocolate is GOOD, but too much sugar in one candy bar isn't. Any candy bar with peanuts in it makes a great gift. Likewise, dark chocolate is sweet, but not too sweet.

Music- I'd die without it. The only CD that I'd ask for specifically is Mud On The Tires by Brad Paisly. Tom burned me a copy, but Joe says that it isn't fair to the artist. Other than that, just go by the artist. I like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Wierd Al, and the Moody Blues. Maybe I should get a CD player, so I can listen to music without using computer time.

My clothes are simple- Jeans and T-shirts, mostly. I've got enough jeans, but if you'd like to add to my T-shirt collection, I wear all shirt colors ranging from black to blue. Midnight and Navy are particular favorites of mine.

If all else fails, or if you're not in the shopping mood, a Target gift card would be great. The sheer versatility of it is impressive, and it makes regifting a cinch! Seriously though, if I really want something, I'll just go to Target, and get it myself after Chistmas. XD

All things considered, gifts are purely material. For my birthday, all I want is a party, and for Chistmas, I spend a special day with my familly. Really, what more do you need? ^^

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