Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It was nice while it lasted

Management sent word that Joseph cannot come to work anymore.  sigh.  Everyone liked having him here, but there are official concerns, like liability and such.  I am so sad. 
On the other hand, Joseph and Andrew are going to be taking their first state exam for some beginning office position later this month.  The wheels grind slowly, but maybe someday.....
updating by copying from a letter to a missionary friend:

One week from today is my one year anniversary working here.  I still   feel truly blessed to have gotten this job, although I deeply miss being at home.  


The California Conservation Corps has indicated that they probably finally have openings for Joseph and Andrew – residential in San Luis Obsipo –I think in January.   But, I am hoping Andrew will not be available!  Joseph is not sure he wants to leave Sacramento.  Going with Andrew sounded fun.   Going alone, not so much.  And now he has his cat to worry about, although I would keep her for him, of course!   If he goes, I am pretty sure that David and Teresa will  get him and take him to church on Sundays, maybe have him stay the weekend once in a while.   And it is right by a Community College.


Andrew and Joseph both are scheduled to take a state exam  – Office Assistant General – very starter level.   Of course the wheels of state government move much too slowly for Andrew to earn any money with them before his mission, but taking the exam will be a good experience.   Hopefully, he can get on a hold list or something.  But if not, it will be good practice.


Andrew has been going out working with Chris P lately, which he has really enjoyed. 


I still have had no contact with our Pack Cubmaster.  Phone calls get a "full mailbox" message.    I am going to drop a note by his house tonight inviting him to Pack Committee Meeting after Den Meetings next Wednesday.  I also sent Primary President  an email this morning suggesting they put me in as Cubmaster at least temporarily if it looks like he is not going to work out.   She passed it on to the Bishop's Counselor.


Ben had been taking an algebra class on line.  He completed it except for the final exam which you had to get perfect to pass.   He must have taken it 6 times and missed one.  Yesterday, he finally passed!  Happy day!   And ice cream.


Perkins Ward RS had a lovely Christmas Enrichment Meeting/Dinner last night  .   After all these year of Camellia City inviting husbands when I personally would have preferred not (although he would have been there anyway, because they always had him do sound/lights), Perkins had a ladies only when I really didn't care!   But it was nice.  We were assigned tables.  I sat with 2 other Perkins West (Camellia City Ward) ladies and 3 Perkins East ladies.   Ruth was at my table and so was Mele's sister, so that was someone from my "home ward" that I hardly knew.  There were conversation starters at the table, but we waited until it started for that.   I started the pre-conversation by asking everyone what they had done that day.  Jen is a high school science teacher, but won't be long.   Oh, why?  Lots of reasons. Any you want to share?  So we were the first to hear she is expecting her first baby in July.   Ruth and I had our first babies in July, both girls.  Georgianna had her first baby in July, a boy.  I told Jen that means she will have a boy to even it out.   Anyway, we did have plenty of pleasant conversation, then a nice, short ; ) program which included Jenna wowing the unsuspecting Perkins Easters with her voice.   The food was tasty, if not generous.  It was a nice evening.  And I got the signatures I need to turn in the (not accurate) Pack Recharter at Roundtable tomorrow night, so I don't have to go back to the church tonight.   Will I pay bills or go Christmas shopping??


I am so not ready for Christmas!



  1. Wow, I didn't know the boys were considering a move! That's exciting! Good luck to them on their tests!!! :)

  2. My son was in the C's fo 3.5 years at the Placer Center in Auburn. It is a great program and a great opportunity to meet new people, see the state (his crew traveled alot doing construction and fire mitigation)and went to Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina Relief. The time in the C's was one of personal growth and learning and he decided on his career goal of Firefighter. He earned the max for the CCC Scholarships and a partial scholarship from Americorps totaling about $9000.00. He now attends Columbia Community College in Sonora, working on his AA in Fire Technology and Wildland firefighting. His summer job was as a FF for CDF (CAL Fire).

    Tell Joseph change is sometimes scary but it can lead to great things. If SLO seems to far away, perhaps a more local center such as Placer would work out better. He might be able to transfer to another center later.

    Good Luck, Joseph, take advantage of all the C's has to offer.

  3. Thank you, Buffy! It is so good to hear from someone who has had experience with it! You must be proud of your son. Tell him thank you for helping protect California and helpin with Katrina relief! He's a hero.