Thursday, August 23, 2007

9:23am 08/22/2007

Last night, after Troop Committee Meeting, Glen informed me that as of 9:23 that morning our divorce is final.  He was in court.  I have not heard from my lawyer in months.  It doesn't really matter,  I guess.   I had long since signed a form agreeing that we had agreed on the conditions and didn't need to go to court.  Apparently Glen's lawyer informed him that way would take much longer and going to court would facilitate the matter.   My lawyer has not been returning my email.  He is probably in Mexico again.  But the deed is done. It is over, except "as long as there are children, no divorce is ever final."


I thought I would feel something.  Relief, freedom, sadness, something.  I don't feel much though. (except a little disappointment and frustration with Mr. Shyster)  I guess because I went through all the emotions previously and this is just the formality.


Now I need to find out what business I need to take care of.  Insurance, etc.


The boys and I celebrated by eating some old ice cream sandwiches left in the freezer since April Conference.  (not good for the blood sugar)

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  1. Hugs to you on this sad, yet exhilerating(excuse my spelling at the end of this long day/week) day!! This is the beginning of your new life. Embrace it.