Monday, August 20, 2007

Hear, Hear

Thursday - straight from work (pausing only to pick up the boys) to the fair grounds.  It was awards night.  Ruth entered 4 cards and 2 scrapbook pages in the State Fair.  She got 3 seconds and 3 FIRSTs!  plus a special award from a craft shop (who no doubt sponsored the prize to increase name recognition, but I forgot).  We got to see the exhibits and some awards ceremonies, eat one dollar hotdogs (not worth more actually), and generally have a good time.  It was a pleasant evening.  We saw lots of great art and craft work, some cool toy displays, and The Cat in the Hat who was visiting in Toytopia.  Too bad I didn't know about this special (free to exhibiters and guests) event BEFORE I bought a Poppy Pack, but, hey!, there is plenty more to see and do.  We will go back the last day of the fair, because some of the family wants to go to the Wierd Al concert.  I haven't decided about me, yet.
Saturday - successfully renewed my driver's license without getting a vision restriction.  It was a bit of a near thing, but I passed.
Spent most of the weekend working more or less with Andrew on the program for his Eagle Scout Court of Honor - both the agenda and the paper program.  Also, sort of helping him prepare his talk for Sacrament Meeting - encouraging him and giving him ideas on how to prepare - I did none of the actual preparation. And getting invitations ready to mail.  If I missed you and you care enough about me and mine to be reading this, you are definitely invited!!   (7pm Friday, September 14 at the LDS Church 51st & Dover, Sacramento. After Party with Wojohowitz)
Special talks in church Sunday!  In Sacrament Meeting, Andrew gave a very good talk about finances.  In Primary, Esther gave a talk about her family and the temple.  You could even hear most of it very clearly.  With the help of a microphone it is true, but her little friend also gave what was probably a good talk you couldn't hear despite the microphone.  They are only 4 years old, after all.
We read a little bit of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows almost every evening. I am enjoying it and interested, but so tired and so many responsibilities that we are not having any reading marathons. That's ok, I am torn between wanting to know what happens and not really wanting it to end.  JKR has done a good job of it. 
The weekend was good, but too short! as usual.
aaaa! only a month!  I am not even sure what I need to do!  I have issued invitations, reserved the building, and Andrew and I have been working on the program - both the agenda and the paper.  I still need to make sure we people we want to do a part.  So far he only has the Bishop who will issue the Eagle Charge. Ok, and Ben who is to do a little talk.  I need to ask the former SPL's to help and contact Til  whom we are asking to do a blurb "One Hundred Scouts".  Next, I guess I need to think about decorations and food.
Good quote on my Google home page today, (well there usually is at least one good one)
"The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority."
  - Ralph W. Sockman
Lunch break is quite over.  Back to earning an honest dollar.


  1. All the interesting things you blogged about, and in the forefront of my mind is how jealous I am of the ........Weird Al Concert! LOL. I wish I could come for Andrew's CoH.

    Regretfully, Pam

  2. Pam - Too bad you can't come for the concert then, as well as the CoH.

    I'm going to Weird Al, too. One of my friends was looking for someone to go with, and I think his songs are fun.

    I'm also going to the monster truck show at the fair, because I have another friend who has (on more than one occasion) mentioned wanting to go to a monster truck show. So when I saw that it would be at the fair, I e-mailed her right away. :)

    So, since I already went to the fair last night with a group of friends, I am realizing I should have bought a poppy pack (discounted pre-sale for four tickets) just for myself this year! Of course, if I buy it next year, I'll probably end up with no one to go with. haha.

  3. Miriam - Sounds like good times with your freinds.

    Just watch out for the clever and disgruntled bulls.

    In case you didnt' hear. A couple of bulls WORKED TOGETHER, putting their horns under a gate and getting it open, They got out when a bunch of kids were out collecting scattered coins or something. Cowboys on horses kept them from getting out another gate into the main fair grounds. Cowboy clowns and deputy sherriffs (and probably others) got all the people to safety. One deputy was thrown by a bull as she was directing kids to safety. She was tossed, landed on the bull and fell off. Fortunately, her body was only moderately injured, her spirit and sense of humor not at all.