Tuesday, December 21, 2010

“Where’s the Line to See Jesus?” a touching song inquires.

“Where’s the Line to See Jesus?” a touching song inquires. 
 A sweet reminder of the reason for the holiday.  Which is very good.  But in counterpoint I say I have been in lines to see Jesus. 

A week ago Benjamin and I drove up to Vancouver WA to visit Sariah and enjoy their Stake’s annual Festival of Nativities.  This festival is held every year Thursday through Sunday.  We went Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening.  Both times we found not only hundreds of beautiful, interesting, and unique Nativities, we found hundreds of people “in line to see Jesus.” 

Last Sunday we went to Miriam’s Stake’s Nativity display.  I am not sure if it was Sunday only or all weekend.  Again, hundreds of lovely and diverse Nativities (and a camel collection) and many, many people. 

Yes, the malls are full of shoppers and there are plenty of people in line to see Santa.  Many of them are the same people who stood in line to see Jesus and who strive to keep Him in their hearts. 

More importantly, although we had to get in line to see the beautiful representations and reminders of the birth of Christ, we never have to stand in line to come unto Him or to feel His love.   Jesus Christ, Lord, Savior and Friend always has His arms open to us whenever we turn to Him.  He loves each of us forever and always.  Wherever and whenever we come unto Him, He is there to welcome us -  no line.

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