Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have said it kazillion times, nearly every day, often more than once, but not any more!

I want my own lap top.  I want computer access when I am available and where I want it - near the kitchen, near the kids, in my room.
My friend told me that coveting the Internet is not a sin.  ; )
A financial advisor counseled a couple to get an inexpensive computer for handling their finances better.
MyPoints Daily Deals offered a Samsung notebook at what looked like a good pricee.  My computer consultant had nothing bad to say about the computer (until after I ordered it.  He had by then learned that a user reported a mere 2 hour battery life.)

I made the plunge!

The computer arrived Thursday evening.  I had no idea that setting up takes so much time.  No just turning on the computer and typing away.  Numerous agreements to read (in my case look at the incomprehensible words) and accept.  What with being an adult with other responsibilities - including getting enough sleep to function - and my consultant wanting to do a backup on the new computer - what? I haven't put anything on it yet, what's to back up?  - which took 3 CDs and all of last evening, I haven't been able to DO anything with it until this morning.  Who knows?  Maybe I shouldn't be now, but my consultant is still abed, I believe, and is not here to tell me no.

One thing I did do. 

One of the first things you have to do when you turn a new computer is name it.  ?  It autofilled "Barbara-Win7".  Very catchy.  I considered Sam or Sammie (because I am so original), but my computer is a lady and I have a (lovely, delightful, mildly insane) niece named Samantha and I wanted my computer to have her own name.

Benjamin suggested Sophie.  I like it.  Meet Sophie.  Wisdom and knowledge. : )

I have big plans for Sophie and me.  Better able to do my ward callings as Ward Web Administrator (sounds much more  impressive than it is!! Mostly I update the on-line calendar) and Building Scheduler.  Organize and manage my finances better - they really need it!  Better meal planning and shopping lists.  Just to begin.  Then hopefully on to photo management and family history.

So will Sophie be my very good friend and helper, or will she lure me down strange time-wasting paths?  What do you think?

P.S. - I wrote this from my bedroom!  : )


  1. I knew it! My consultant says I shouldn't have gone on the internet yet. No virus protection. sigh

  2. This will be easy to remedy :).

    I think you're going to see both with her: a friendly helper in the field of time-wasting. :)