Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rice is Nice

I will never be as cool as any (or certainly all) of my daughters, but I do now have a cool rice cooker as at least some of them do.  

I resisted getting another one job appliance to take up space in the already crowded kitchen.  I have seen the light.  What triggered the change was the problem of rice on Sunday, especially brown rice.  If I cooked it, say with pot roast, while at church,  there was a likelihood of mushy rice.  But it takes so long to cook, that we didn’t want to start if after church.  So, I decided to get a delay start rice cooker.  Now the rice is nice.

And it is not a one job appliance.  We haven’t had it long, so we haven’t done much with the steamer, but it does a great job on broccoli.

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  1. I want one now! I am also a disliker of one-job appliances for the same reasons- not enough space and spending money on something that does 1 job. But last week when I took my perfectly delicious chicken out of the crock pot and discovered it was accompanied by crunchy brown rice....well I started considering. (I purposely added the rice late so it wouldn't be mushy) Now I definitely want one!! Thanks for the review