Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Hour

According to May's Reader's Digest “We're happiest at 7:26p p.m. On Saturday nights.”

Are you?

Not me. 

I am happiest about 24 hours earlier on Friday evening.

Friday evening I am so tired, I don't want to do anything.  (Unfortunately, not a rare thing.) I barely can stay awake until it's time to watch “Who Do You Think You Are?” the only show I watch regularly.  But, it's Friday night! The work week is behind me and the weekend awaits!

On Friday evening, the weekend is full of promise and I am under the happy delusion that I will become well rested, get lots of chores & housework done, spend time with my much neglected dog, spend time with family, have some relaxing fun, and maybe more.

Of course, most of that on Saturday. By 7:26 pm on Saturday, I realize that I have not accomplished half of the things I had hoped for.

Sunday is good. Especially – stand back, beware of possible lightening strike! - Sundays without extra meetings. Although some of those are great.

On Sunday, I am not going to get any chores done - no grocery runs or fill-ups. Shopping and such that I didn't get done on Saturday will have to wait until – who knows? I will figure it out later.

Sunday I will pretty much set aside the work-a-day worries and concerns. I might spend time with family – in person, email, or sometimes by phone. Or enjoy quiet time. I might rest. Maybe I will try to learn a little bit about using Family Search. Or maybe, dare I hope? Do some Stamping. I will worship, learn, and visit at church. I will renew covenants and hopefully strengthen my spirit. I was going to say that I will try to remember what life is really all about, but honestly, I TRY to do that every day. It is certainly easier to remember on Sunday when that is basically the focus of most of our activities. I will partake of the Sacrament and remember my Savior's great redeeming love and sacrifice. That really is the best. Next best is being with the other struggling, lovely Saints.

The bad thing about Sunday, especially evening, is that it is Monday eve. The work week looms ahead. The worst thing about work is the time it takes away from my life. And I am usually still tired. Usually not AS tired as I was Friday night, but still tired.

If I were a really good person, I would say that Sunday is my best and happiest day. Sunday IS good. (until evening) Maybe it is my happiest DAY. But, I think my happiest HOUR is Friday evening.

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