Friday, May 13, 2011

What did you dream last night?

I seldom dream or, if I dream, I don't remember it.

Last night I dreamed twice.

I dreamed that a friend spent all evening giving me a pedicure.
I have never had a pedicure, although I have thought it might be nice. Where did this come from? Well, one toe is a little sore from me clipping a nail too close. My daughter--in-law recently had her first pedicure and was showing off her pretty toes. The friend is involved in Benjamin's Eagle Court of Honor tomorrow which is occupying my mind quite a bit. Why I picked him I have no idea. I really doubt that he gives pedicures. It would be nice if he gave his lovely wife a pedicure - or at least massaged her feet now and then. Dreams are

I woke up in the night and had trouble going back to sleep. When I finally did, it was a bit of a nightmare and I believed it at first of course. It was raining. My roof has been torn off and water was dripping from the ceiling which wasn't looking too good on to my bed. It took quite a while for me to realize that I was not in my own bed or even in my own room. I was in a room I hadn't slept in for years and it was the old color before we painted it. oh, good! this isn't real!

What is real is that our house is being re-roofed and this has been tear-off week. It has been really good roofing weather, but rain is predicted this weekend. Not Saturday, thankfully! but possibly Saturday night and Sunday. I have been concerned about the house. My contractor, Lucio owner and sole employee of D Design Build, assures me that it will be ok unless we get major deluge. He expects to have the board covering the "ribs" of the roof in place and the roofing paper over it.

Do you remember your dreams?


  1. I think you would like getting a pedicure. Though, there is one part that REALLY tickles - but it's worth it! lol

    It will be so nice when the roof is done! I hope you don't get any deluges! ;)

    Sometimes I remember my dreams. Sometimes I don't. :S

  2. That's about the last thing I want, someone fooling around with my toe nails! ;)