Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Fat Lady Didn't Sing

While taking time off to work on my Christmas preparations, I saw part of the Dr. Oz show Friday.  His guest was a woman who weighs over 700lbs and who wants to more than double that to something like 1800 lbs and become the fattest woman ever.  He threw medical numbers at her to try to convince her that she is hurting herself.  She just kept smiling and insisting that she is healthy.  

One:    It was embarrassing. To me!  Her blood sugar, while higher than it should be is better than mine.  They showed a clip of her doing sit-ups.  Multiple sit-ups.  I do not think I can do even one.  I am, it is true, “morbidly obese”, but  she has over 500 lbs on me and in some ways IS healthier.  All I can say is that I ride my bike to work.  I don’t think she could. 

I used to say that if I ever got to be so much overweight, I would give up and join the circus as a fat lady.  Well sadly I got there, but that’s almost average nowadays.  I really don’t want to weigh enough to qualify for the job. 

Two:  Dr. Oz did not address her where she lives.  He has no real idea why she is fat or why she is choosing to stay fat and get fatter.  Or doesn’t think it matters?  

What I think:
A long time ago, she decided that she could never be the ideal weight.  She was fat and ever would be fat and she might as well accept it.  Losing weight is incredibly hard for many of us.  When I try to be good, I maintain maybe, but hardly lose.  Admittedly, I do not try VERY HARD, but I can be careful and deny myself, take smaller portions,  and try to only eat healthy non-fattening things during my perpetual snack attacks at work – and not lose.  If I am not trying at least a little, I gain.  How much easier to just give up.  I think she did. She decided: I am fat, that’s me and I like it.  

She makes money being fat.  Dr, Oz practically did commercials for fat porn (whatever they call it).  People pay to see pictures of really fat women.  They pay to see videos of her eating.  If she were to try to lose weight, it would not only be hard, hard work and deprivation, but she would lose her income.   How could she support herself?!   especially while she was still fat, too fat to get about easily and too fat to make a good impression on job interviews, too fat to look good, but not quite fat enough to be a big fat porn star?  
I wondered why in the world she would go on the Dr. Oz show, but then realized – it was for the publicity.  She was advertising.   Sad for her.  And sad for Dr. Oz, because I don’t think he gets it.  He wanted to help her, but he didn’t seem to even try to understand her.  He was no Dr, Phil.  ; )

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