Friday, March 29, 2013

Dark Sabbath

     I cannot remember anything in the scriptures between the crucifixion and burial Friday and the glorious first day of the week.  
     What was it like for them? - the disciples, friends, followers of Jesus, His mother.  He had died a horrible death before their eyes.  He who had been so full of life, who had spoken of eternal life.  He who had commanded the elements, healed the sick, even raised the dead.  Now he was dead.  Hastily buried before the Sabbath came with the setting sun.
     They blindly in their grief no doubt observed their sacred rites and Sabbath obligations, weeping as they did.  Despite the terrible events, they still believed in God and His commandments. They obeyed the law of the Sabbath with aching but faithful hearts.
     Through out the Sabbath they remembered Him, the things He said, the scriptures He quoted.  They reached out to each other to mourn together, to find some comfort in each other.  They talked and wondered.  Remembering His words, His promises.  Repeating. Discussing.  What did He mean?
    He had spoken of rising again.  They believed, but they were practical people and nothing like that had ever happened in all of history, so they must have  wondered and not exactly doubted, but didn't quite understand.  
   I think it was a long, dark even as the sun shone, lonely even in their gathering, sorrowful, do we dare to hope and for what day.  Heavy with sorrow and weeping until their eyes burned and they could weep no more.  for a short time.  and the wrenching tears and choking sobs would begin again.
   In some ways this Sabbath day may have been even harder than the day of the crucifixion. When everything was happening, part of themselves must have been almost numb with the horror of it even as they cried at His feet.   The Sabbath day is a day for quiet reflection.  No work, Few distractions.  Just that awful aching loss and sorrow. 
    It was a long dark day of uncertainty and grief. 

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