Sunday, July 14, 2013

   Saturday morning Andrew and I pulled weeds for a couple hours.  Got a lot done.  LOTS more needs doing. Then we went to the PO and mailed Benjamin Korean copies of the Book of Mormon AND the music the brothers have been working on getting him :)      
    After that Andrew and I went to Davis Ranch Corn Festival out by Sloughhouse on Jackson Road.  Like going to an Apple Hill Farm in October only way closer, better parking, and WARM.  Lots of cool crafts.  Some vendor food.  Supposedly free BBQ corn, but we didn’t see it.  Great produce for sale but the lines were too long for us.  We were tired.  There were rows and rows of strawberry pots 4 feet high - you pay a fee for a little basket like you get berries in the store, wash your hands, and go pick berries.  Live entertainment  (ok), jump house, pony rides - the nasty kind where the ponies are tied to spokes and walk around in tight circles  in the sun whether or not anyone is riding them.  It was fun and tempting to see all the craft items. Lots of charms, including dragon charms that Andrew liked.  Personal brands (for branding your steaks.  yeah, right) One of the coolest things we saw were Belt Buckle/Knives.  The Knife looks like part of the belt buckle, is held on with a good magnet, and comes off with the flick of a thumb.  Also has a fire starter and sharpener.  Pretty cool.  But the plain one (no) cost $70.  With a decoration on either the knife or the buckle - tree scene, fire design, all kinds of stuff, I think it was $75.  and more expensive ones.  I kept thinking that my guys would love it.  And I love my guys.  But I cannot spend that kind of money. Another thing I really liked were Scarf Necklaces. They really were pretty and different. It was fun looking at all the creative things.
       I have been called to a new church position,  Next Sunday I will be sustained and will be released from Building Scheduler and Sunday School Teacher.  I taught my last SS class.  That was short - just half a year.  I told them there was a change coming, but I was not sure how soon, because at that point I was not sure. Later I found out that today was my last day. There was no weeping and gnashing of teeth. I hope their new teacher is interesting and inspiring.  I am sure they would appreciate the change.
      Bishop and Brother Brown came over Thursday and extended the call. They said that when they were considering names for this calling the answer came clearly.  I accepted based on faith in their testimony and on my covenants to serve.  For the next couple of days I thought about it and prayed for a personal confirmation.  As I considered that the primary requirements for the position are love for the Lord and love for His children, I was suddenly filled with warmth and I knew it was right to accept.  I am concerned about the demands of time, energy and creativity, but as the Lord wants me to do it, He will help me and so will others.
       It is 10:30 Sunday night and I need to sleep.  How does the weekend go so quickly?!

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  1. It is sad for your class, but yay for new adventures!!!