Saturday, August 10, 2013

How's your Saturday?

Andrew and I spent much of the morning helping with grounds keeping at the church (sorry bushes! I really don't know anything about pruning!)

and much of the afternoon planning the street course and making cardboard cars (be careful at blind corners and watch out for car doors) and traffic signs for next week's bicycle rodeo.  They don't look like much for the amount of work and time put in, but they will do.  They are kind of cute in a plain modern cardboard art kind of way. 

Joseph has spent the day trying to sleep off a headache, poor guy.

Thank you Debi, for the cardboard!  Ruth, I think the "cars" can easily be repurposed into dog houses and there are also a couple of big pieces (the size we used for cars) which we didn't use.

Next:  shower (before I collapse of terminal crud), shop for and make vegan pasta salad for a work potluck Monday, laundry, take care of Debi's dogs, get gas in the car, and prepare for the Sabbath tomorrow (not prepare as well as I should, I fear)

Tomorrow in Primary, I will be discussing Alma 33:3-9 and Alma 34: 17-27 (which is a personal favorite if mine).  Looking forward to it.  I hope I can convey the spirit I feel about it.

Not happening here:  house and yard work.  :(  HOW do people manage??!!!

Not sure when I am cooking up my work breakfasts. (And my coworkers wonder why I don't make THEM breakfast potatoes)

Mostly a happy and productive day, although I could wish for more productive and also R&R would be nice.  

I must find time for a trip to the beach!   MAYBE in 3 weeks?  Can you imagine living in California, 2 hours from the ocean and not getting to the coast all year?  almost criminal.

Time for water therapy.  I love modern plumbing!

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