Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brown (or Gold, if you prefer) is the New Green

       California is experiencing a drought.  I know it is serious, but I am rather amazed at how little it is affecting the daily life of most people.  Worries me a little. We do not take it seriously because it doesn't look like the drought on Westerns or like the great Dust Bowl.  (yet?)  With modern infrastructure, we city folk live a little too removed from nature and very well provided for - until it is REALLY, REALLY bad. 
       It is affecting daily life in The Patch - by choice. We are trying hard to conserve water and to be water conscious. 
     We have not watered the front "lawn"  (or weed patch we refer to as lawn) in so long that it is now straw.  We overlooked our poor camellia bush in the middle of that lawn which looks dead now.  We need to decide whether to attempt to revive it (which frankly does not look hopeful)  or remove the poor thing. 
     We have minimally watered our little apple tree and our orange trees, the oranges better than the poor little apple.  
     When we wash dishes, we re-use the rinse water.  Sometimes repeatedly.  When we are done with dishes, we often wash veggies in it.  Then we either put it in the bathroom bucket or water a plant. 
     We capture water warming up for showers and use it to flush the toilet. 
      Where I used to take nice long showers, followed by a soak in the tub if I had time, I now get wet, turn off the water, lather, rinse, turn off the water, use conditioner and shave, rinse.  Then I give myself a couple of inches of water with Skin-So-Soft instead of a tub full and splash it on me instead of soaking. Honestly, the water doesn't even reach the back of the tub before I turn it off.  It's the soak in the tub that feels like the biggest sacrifice right now.
      I think we are doing pretty well in our conservation efforts and I am pleased to say that Sacramento leads the state in reduced water use.  Surprisingly, some of our southern cities who want water from us northerners at the best of times, have increased their usage!! Shame on them!
        I am certainly grateful for the water we have and hope thar our voluntary efforts help - and that the situation does not get worse.
       Pray for rain. 


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