Sunday, July 12, 2015


When I woke up Sunday morning, July 5, I did not know I was going to be released as ward (congregation) Primary President. (Primary is the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints organization for children 18 months to 11 years old) Oh, I had been told the day was coming, but did not know this was the day. 

Last I had heard, they had a president (I did not know who) but not the counselors.  We were quite late to church Sunday so I stayed out in the foyer.  Pretty soon I am hearing a testimony that sounded so much like me two years ago and I realized that a new president had been called.  Cristina Huckabay!  She wll be awesome! Her counselors are Nia Saafi and April Cantillo. None of them has ever been in a presidency before, but they will be good.  

Although I had been told, it was a surprise and a loss.  A week later, I am still a bit in mourning. Primary president has been one of my favorite callings. Although, it's really great to be a counselor under a good president.  I think I best enjoyed serving with President Clarice Bird when my children were small. She was an awesome president.

My first counselor, Debbie, had needed to be released because of family needs.  I had been trying to come up with a name to request for weeks.  I had one I really wanted, but was unequivocally shot down.  I could not get a name and felt pretty small spiritually.  When Bishop told me that they were going to release me, I realized that was probably at least partly why I could not choose a counselor. 

The sweetest thing.  My second counselor, Pam was angry when they told her we were being released.  I thought that as she is so much more organized than I am and better prepared for Share Time and more orderly and responsible, that I irritated her a lot.  But no, She was upset! I was touched. I got a good hug Sunday. 

The new president is not looking forward to the loss of her lazy lay-a-bed Sunday morning to go to Ward Council each week.  I, on the other hand, will miss Ward Council Meeting.  Ward Council Leadership visits (usually to less active or new members) not so much, although they were almost always pleasant despite my dread.  (And one, at least, resulted in a sister getting a much needed blessing and her family starting to come to church)

And of course, there is a little anxiety about what calling will be extended next.  I really doubt that I will get a less demanding calling. Primary President, while it has several responsibilities is not all that bad)  Primary teacher and Cub Scout leader take more time and energy.  I cannot see myself in leadership in Young Women (I have served as YW president, but not extremely successfully) or in Relief Society both of which are well-filled, anyway.   RS teacher would be nice, they only teach once a month, but there are plenty of candidates for that!  Actually I hope they call Debbie to one of those. It would, I think, suit her family circumstances 

I hope the Bishopric is inspired to give me a calling that I have time and energy to do well and can enjoy! (Hard to imagine just what that would be, though)  Although there is usually the tendency to give us "opportunities to grow."  a little worrisome, but I will try to accept and fulfil what the Lord calls me to.  I do believe that the major qualification for any calling  is to love the Lord.  And that if He calls and you answer, He will help.

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