Tuesday, March 8, 2005

March 8, 2005 Tuesday Temple vist - a couple of surprises

As we came up the hill and approached the parking lot, Joseph and I found a surprise. The main big parking lot is being torn up and ground to pieces. We knew that it would be redone eventually, but of course, had no idea when.
chewed up pavement We watched the chewer load the truck. When the truck was full and drove away, we expected it to dump the load over in the area by where the rough, undeveloped baseball field was and where things seem to be stored for future use or disposal. We were surprised when the truck passed that turn and drove on by, all the way down to the font area where it unloaded! We might not be able to shoot the font area from this angle for a while, as we have been shooting from the big parking lot. Looking over toward the Mormon Center building. After getting a few shots from the big parking lot, we moved over to the smaller west parking lot by the tennis courts and took the opportunity to check out the straw slide we noticed on the hillside a couple of trips ago. This slide thing is directly lined up with the tennis courts. Looking straight down the hill: You cannot really see how lumpy and bumpy it is, nor how thinly the straw is laid. I don't know what it is, but it is not a slide, at least not for me! A pile of gravel in the old tennis courts. Checking out the it-should-be-a-fountain-but-probably-is-a-maintainance-hole, we found the trench and hole have been mostly filled in. This small trench has part of a small pipe in it coming from the direction of the Mormon Center. See how well it lines up nearly centered with the Mormon Center? Looking west (no picture) it appears to be centered with where the Distribution Center will be, too. It would be a good place for a fountain. The trench from/to the mysterious maintainance hole runs towards/from the temple. They had to dig through the wolkway and replace it. But why replace it with a temporary asphalt walkway when they are tearing up the parking lot to which it leads? more scenes around the construction area: Spring is coming!

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