Thursday, September 24, 2009

copied from a letter to Andrew - pretty boring, actually

You really should have signed up for a more interesting mother!
I saw Mrs Fabiano Friday night. ((Our next door neighbor who suffered several falls earlier this year and laid on the floor for hours each time before being found.)  She has been in care almost since you left. Her son, Leonard (not young nor hale himself) came from out of town I think and briefly sprang her from the private care home. They were getting ready to go pick up his daughter who was flying in to visit and they were planning a picnic or something for Saturday. Mrs. Fabiano looked, I thought, better than she had last time I saw her. She says the people at the care home are nice, but she still hopes to get back into her house. Fortunately, they now realize that can only happen if they find someone to stay with her. - I wonder how they afford to keep the house and have her in care, but the house is probably long since paid for.

I took my bike to the shop on Furlough Friday, hoping not to miss any commute days, but that didn’t work out. The loose handlebar was really bothering me. The handlebar not only moved up and down, but sideways quite a bit. It made me feel pretty unsteady. I was also hoping that they could fix my gears. The front shifters don’t really work at all and the back gears tend to pop. They kept the bike until Tuesday. I don’t think they even started on it until Tuesday, to tell the truth. They replaced the handlebar holder post or whatever. As for the gears, they would need complete replacing. The bike is not worth that. I think it did go more smoothly yesterday morning so they may have managed some adjustments. I need to start saving up and thinking about replacing the bike someday, but there is no rush.
Today, I had to light rail because the boys overslept and Benjamin was late for Seminary, - No way was he going to take the time to get out his bike. Fortunately, today was a decent light rail day. And I had some crocheting with me. Tuesday was horrid. First, the train was late. Then it was CROWDED. Third, they made the back two cars (me) empty out at 13th because they were taking the cars out of service. (??!) They said two more trains were coming along directly, but it took them awhile to move the now emptied cars out of the way and they didn't answer when we asked if there was going to be room on them when they did come through. There have been times when the relief trains were so crowded that people had to wait for the 3rd or 4th one to come along. Rumor spread that there was some difficulty moving them, which meant the trains behind them could not come through. I decided to walk the remaining what? 8 blocks. Fortunately, I was wearing decent shoes and not carrying a whole lot of stuff. Naturally, however, just before I got to the next stop, a nearly empty train passed me and left the stop just as I hurried around behind it. Two almost empty trains passed me before I got to work. I guessed wrong on that gamble. I was thinking, another reason to ride my bike!
Benjamin is starting to appreciate biking home from Seminary. Largely because it gives him the freedom to linger, chat with the teacher, help put up chairs – whatever – without worrying about making me late. Besides getting his PE in for the day and helping his dear old Mom try to be a little bit healthier.

Tuesday, the Relief Society had a Preparedness Enrichment Night. Liz R, recent convert, talked about solar ovens and about dehydrating. Allision H talked about sprouting. I was amazed how much more vitamins and protein one gets when one sprouts seeds! Where does it come from?

Ruth borrowed my camera for the longest time while her camera was sent back for repairs. When she returned it, she also gave me a very cute “camera” she made from a matchbox – using her Stampin’Up punches – that looked like mine. On the viewer she had a picture of the kids holding a thank you sign. Inside she had an accordion of pictures of the kids. (and some dark Hershey kisses) . Very clever. Now she has my camera again because hers is not working. They are in San Francisco on vacation all this week. Every day they send a cute email postcard with pictures they have taken. Looks like great fun! Is she sending them to you, too? If not, do you want me to forward them, or do you not have time?
Tuesday was the first day of Fall. Weather in the high 90s, even going triple digit in parts of Sacramento. Ah, that crisp, cool fall air.
We picked a couple of Golden Delicious apples off our little tree days ago. They are in the fridge. I keep forgetting to eat them. Might not be a fair evaluation by the time I do.
Our tomato plants seemed to be on hold for the longest time, but now we are getting a tomato here and there again. I had one for dinner last night and another for lunch today. Yummy.


  1. You inspire me to get on my bike and ride!! Unfortunately, I live on a hill. Hmm. Can I drive the bike to a level part of town??

    You are not boring. You have a way with words that puts you (the reader) right there. I love reading your updates, even if it was meant for Andrew. How is his weather??

    Your train story was so cute. THe important things: Did you get to work on time, and did you smash your lunch?? I always end up with a flat sandwich.

  2. Thanks, Pam!

    Sacramento is pretty flat. I encounter a couple of small hills and it is pathetic how much I gear down for these little slopes!

    If driving to a level part of town works for you, go for it!

    Andrew is still having glorious weather - usually in the high 70s and lows in the 50's with frequent thundershowers. However,the thermometer is edging down.

    I did get to work on time, because generally I have a built in buffer of me time when I eat breakfast and check emails.

    I didn't smash my sandwich because I had left-over chikcen and potatoes in Gladware.