Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Graduate

Patriarch of one of the oldest and largest families in the church in our area Wesley McA graduated this school of life.  Apparently, some of the family got the word while they were at Nathalie’s Pampered Chef party last Thursday.  To which I was invited, but didn’t make it.  She had booked off Ruth’s recent party (I got a garlic press, a garlic slicer and a little tube thing you put your garlic in, roll it back and forth, and the garlic peel comes right off. Now, I should probably buy some garlic.) and I should have supported her, but I couldn’t really think of anything I wanted, and of course, I am always having time/energy management problems.  Of course, if Ruth was there, she would probably sell me on something, but I don’t think she went.  But, I digress.  

Grandpa McA’s funeral will be between conference sessions Saturday at the Dover building.  We, of course, will not go because I already told the missionaries and the mission office that we are doing lunch at the Wisseman building.

I cannot be too sad about Wesley McA.  He lived a long and apparently faithful life.  He loves the Lord and he loves family.  He also loves learning things.  I am sure that in recent years, although he has enjoyed family here, there are many he missed who have gone beyond.  And I am sure that his opportunities for learning have been greatly reduced.  Oh, what opportunities he will have now!! And to be free of the pain and restrictions of an aged body!  I feel to rejoice for him.  Probably his earthly family have mixed feelings, but a lot of gladness for him and relief.

Congratulations on your graduation, Wesley!

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  1. Great perspective. I'm happy that he's with family and loved ones now and free of discomfort and limitations that this life and tired, old bodies bring.

    So, they waited a long time for his funeral, too. Is this a growing trend? Or a CA thing? It seems a funeral is usually about 5 days after the passing here, but Grandma Cuckoo passed away a week and a half ago and her funeral is this morning. I would assume it is to allow family/loved ones time to make arrangements to attend?