Monday, January 30, 2012

Pretty much a regular weekend

How did your weekend go?  Mine, as always, too quickly!  Not an unusual or remarkable weekend, but good.

Saturday is the day to try to get so many chores done that there is not time or energy to do during the week.  Laundry, making my work breakfasts : ), shopping, hopefully a little house cleaning.  How grateful I am for electricity and helpful household appliances, for well-stocked grocery stores, for farmers and truckers and that whole unseen army that makes our supplies available, for a job so I can pay for my food, for living with such fine young men that make few messes and help take care of things.  Saturday best bits - being able to help David with one of his projects by loaning him my trailer (thereby helping mitigate the foolishness of that particular purchase and ensuing expenses!) and Reading Club with my guys.  We are reading Inheritance, the 4th and last book of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

Sunday joys - taking the Sacrament and remembering our Lord's love and sacrifice, holding a sleepy little granddaughter on my lap while discussing the joys of gospel living with sister saints, sitting in on a Board of Review for a fine young man who has just earned his 1st class rank, sharing dinner with our locally serving missionaries, grandchildren and daughter delight, as well as resident young men of quality.  Enjoying the lively antics of my grandchildren and the wonderful goodness of how my children are with kids. Singing Sesame Street songs with Andrew.  Enjoying the peace when all the guests leave and the house is quiet.  Being able to pay bills and have everything current financially.

Comfortably sleeping in my snug bed in my own peaceful home.

A good weekend.

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